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Thai Band ASIA7 Released New Song Under GeneLab Records

GeneLab Records released Asia7 new song. Music Press Asia

ASIA7 recently released a new single Unforgettable under GeneLab Records.

Co-written and produced by Pat, the vocalist of veteran pop-rock band Klear, the song is a combination of the heavy groove of rock music and the energetic sound of Thai northeastern music instruments.

ASIA7 stated the lyrics of the song Unforgettable expresses a painful story of a woman who feels betrayed by the broken promise of her lover.

“We want to offer a new flavor of music to our fans. Through the song, we want to tell a story that is more relatable and touching to the public. Oil, our vocalist, was doing her best to portray the resentment of a woman who is betrayed by her loved one,” the band said.

“In terms of the music, we added elements of Thai northeastern traditional music into the melody while maintaining our signature sound that is originated from a mixture of a wide range of musical instruments. With the heavy beats created by the hard work of our members, we hope that our listeners will be touched by emotions conveyed in the song.”

The band also talked about their experience working with Klear’s vocalist for the first time. “While working together, we received new ideas and inspiration from Pat. As the producer of this song, she helped us fill in our missing pieces and bring out the true color of our music.”

Asia7 managed by GMM Grammy released new song under GeneLab Records. Music Press Asia

Another highlight is the appearance of a leading actress in the mega-hit horror film ‘The Medium’ in the music video. With a charming northeastern town as the setting of the story, Narilya ‘Yada’ Gulmongkolpech played the role of a heart-broken woman who believes in the promise of her lover and waits for his return.

ASIA7 is a Thai contemporary, mixing Asian Pop / Fusion vibe and regular instruments with Thai traditional instruments. The band, formed in 2016, is a gathering of close friends from the College of Music, Mahidol University.

ASIA7 is managed by GMM GRAMMY, a Thai label and artist management company.

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