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May 29, 2024

Autta ft. ZweednRoll in new rap song. Music Press Asia

Thai Rapper Auttakorn Of YUPP! Releases New Song

“AUTTA” features “PAT Zweed n’ Roll” in his meaningful song “You said I am” Before being on tour to several music festivals in Thailand, AUTTA or Auttakorn Dechmark, a rapper from YUPP!. has released a new single “You said I am”, featuring PAT (Sutipat Sutiwanit), a lead singer from a band called Zweed n’ Roll. It’s time for listeners to…

Gerpfast Records To Release Thai EP

Main collaborators include Kittipat Knoknark (music and lyrics), Sutthipat Kunakorn, and Parinya Imnoy (mix and mastering). Gerpfast Records, an Indonesian music label, collaborates with Thai girl group Fingers Cross to…

Fingers Cross EP Early Birth Release by Gerpfast Records. Music Press Asia

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