Thai Singer-Songwriter Parim Released Second Single “Loop”

Parim Thai songwriter release single Loop. Music Press Asia

PARIM, Thailand’s Indie-pop artist and songwriter is ready to send us a positive vibe through her song.

The “Loop”, released in December last year, is a melancholic rendition expressed by PARIM, a joyful woman who hides sadness behind her smile.

This time PARIM chose to talk about the long-term relationships that are in all the same circumstances as a “loop” and never be better. The best decision is to walk out of each other’s life to grow up and go on their own path.

The combination of Indie-pop and Ballad styles made this song more emphatic, showing the beautiful growth from PARIM and the strong messages which perfectly conceal through her lyric that she will go on and remember the good memories, no matter how painful they are.

Her music is mainly influenced by Indie-folk mixed with other styles. Her debut single with Yell Recordz is titled ‘Saturday Morning’.

Parim is signed to Thai-label, Yell Recordz (@YellRecordz). Other artists at Yell include Human Paradise (Alternative Pop/Stadium-Pop) and Apollo Thirteen (Pop Rock).

Listen to the single “Loop”, here.

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