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Malaysian Producer, Singer-Songwriter Sophia Shaan Released Single, “Without Your Love”

Sophia Shaan Released New Single with Kyeson and Nicole Mah. Music Press Asia

Based in Subang Jaya, Malaysia artist Sophia Shaan is an independent singer-songwriter and music producer. Hot on the heels with her release early last year with ‘One Sweet Lover’ which gained over 18,000 streams on Spotify and managed to be on all of ASEAN Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlists. Sophia now unveils her emotional yet upbeat new offering ‘Without Your Love’, the track shows off Sophia’s signature pop soulful sound but with an EDM twist. Sophia’s raw and sublime vocal line complements the futuristic pads and haunting vocal chops to create a soundscape that captures the themes of a difficult relationship that runs through the song.

“‘Without your love’ is about losing yourself in a relationship and then going through a breakup to find yourself again, but you still feel the sense of loss and longing for that person. This song is my favourite collaborative work that I have done because it is something new for me as it is skewed more towards the Pop / EDM genre,” Sophia Shaan shares.

Sophia Shaan teamed up with friend’s producer Kyeson and musician Nicole Mah who played the strings in ‘Without Your Love’. The trio recently won the songwriting challenge with ‘Without Your Love’ by re:LIVE by From The Live Decks | Powered By Kardinal. The song will also debut on Hitz FM alongside an interview with Kianu from Hitz Tea. Besides that, Sophia has even worked with local artist Khai Zhen and also mastered a song for Universal Music Malaysia’s Artist, Joe Flizzow.

[From left: Kyeson, Sophia Shaan, Nicole Mah. Image credit Giselle]

With a soulful and deep vocal range, Sophia Shaan has a penchant for creating emotional and expressive pop-soul music. As a singer-songwriter and producer, she strives to evoke feelings of happiness and emotional satisfaction among her audiences. Hailing from Malaysia, she first discovered her passion for music during her childhood years.

From there, she began to develop and make music covers at home at the early age of 11. After many weeks spent on writing, she ultimately decided to take a leap of faith and began to actively challenge herself to pursue creativity by crafting her own originals. Adele, Sam Smith, James Arthur and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man are some artists that deeply inspire her music journey.

Listen to Sophia Shaan’s music here. Click here to listen to ‘Without Your Love’.

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