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July 13, 2020

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru, Malaysia. Music Press Asia
Hard Rock Hotel Desaru, Malaysia. Music Press Asia

Not Shying Away From The Limelight

When we first hear in the wireless that there is going to be another Hard Rock in Malaysia, our heart pounce not because we know that it is another stunning hotel. But because of how enduring the brand has achieved over the years synonymous to the dedication it has in advocating its rock theme. Perhaps a little perplexed on the…

Malaysia’s Top Acts At Good Vibes 2019

When the music festival released its full line-up for 2019, we decided that it was time to take things into our own hands. As the line-up became overwhelmingly sophisticated each…

[Music Press Asia] Crowd at Good Vibes. Photo courtesy of Good Vibes/All Is Amazing
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NCT Dream to perform at KL Jamm, Kuala Lumpur
NCT Dream to perform at KL Jamm, Kuala Lumpur
music festival

Music Festival KL Jamm Showcase Big Malaysia Lineup

From April 26th-28th, KL JAMM debuts its first music festival boasting an extraordinary line-up merging popular acts from Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea set at Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC). Malaysian Jazz Queen Sheila Majid and 90s pop sensationalist Zainal Abidin, together with Afdlin Shauki, opens the festival with mega concert “Re-Jamm”, a 90-minute show said to relive the…

Top 5 Steps To Protecting Your Music

While the age of the Internet has brought new and exciting ways for musicians to reach wider audiences for example through music streaming or sharing sites, it has also brought…

How do you go about protecting your music?

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Malaysia Welcomes Wired Music Week

Malaysia is finally taking a stand as part of a growing demand to satiate the interest for electronic music as the RBRN IDEAS team prepares to take over Tamarind Square…

Wired Music Week aims to educate a newer generation of electronic music enthusiasts and open up opportunities for talent directly connected to labels.
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Malaysian Appointed Chairman of IFPI APAC

Dato’ Norman Halim is the Executive President and Group Chief Executive Officer of KRU Group, a leading media and entertainment company in Malaysia. As part of the Malaysian pop group KRU in 1992, he alongside his two brothers, found fame before starting KRU Music in…

IFPI Dato Norman Halim Chairman Denis Handlin Sony Music Australia