Malaysia Cultural Palace Launches 2024 Program, Visits Malacca

Istana Budaya explore live performances outside its comfort zone this year in its campaign to bring a musical theater to Malacca and live performances at various concert venues in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Featuring also the  musical theater of Princess Hang Li Po.

Istana Budaya MOTAC launches 2024 cultural program. Music Press Asia

In a dazzling display of cultural richness and artistic fervor, the Cultural Palace of Malaysia – Istana Budaya – has unfurled its eagerly awaited 2024 cultural programs.

At its recent launch ceremony and press conference, Istana Budaya, under Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), announced its latest products itemising The National Symphony Orchestra (OSK), The Malaysian Traditional Orchestra (OTM) and Istana Budaya’s Resident Artist (ARTISTANA).

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Due to the two-year renovations of its concert hall, there will be numerous live performances at five locations spanning the Klang Valley. Set with a campaign titled “Gerak”, its truest meaning is in its move towards the venues around the country.

This year, Malaysians will experience some of Istana Budaya’s most popular performances so far:

  • Sounds of Malaysia – a series of program by the nation’s traditional instrument orchestra, OTM
  • Lambang Sari – a series of classical music concerts, and lastly;
  • Musical theatre of Princess Hang Li Po.
MOTAC Vice Secretary launches Istana Budaya 2024 program. Music Press Asia
[Malaysia Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Vice Secretary Mohd Yusri bin Mohd Yusoff launches Istana Budaya 2024 program. Music Press Asia]

Although the function of Istana Budaya as a venue provider is halted, the 3 annual main programs will continue as planned said Zubaidah Mukhtar, the head director of Istana Budaya.

“This is a great opportunity for Istana Budaya. To have world class performances brought directly to the people of Malaysia, it is also in conjunction with Malaysia’s “Visit Malacca 2024” tourism campaign, at the same time bring to live the tourism and cultural sector in the country,” Mukhtar added.

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The “Jangkauan OTM: Sounds of Malaysia” program collaborates with public and private higher learning educational institution. Involving the participation of alumni and current students, it serves as a performing arts platform and sharing musical knowledge via its workshops.

The Lambang Sari Series, with its successful year of 2023, will continue to perform classical and popular music themed under its Western Classical, Patriotic and Together with Stars.

Musical Theater at Istana Budaya

The musical theatre of Princess Hang Li Po returns this year breathing new life to the production featuring one of the greatest historical moments in Malacca’s Melayu sultanate era.

Princess Hang Li Po musical theater Istana Budaya. Music Press Asia
[Princess Hang Li Po is a musical theater production by Istana Budaya. The troupe will visit Malacca as part of its campaign to ‘move’ the production due to its plan to renovate the main auditorium. Music Press Asia]

This is a significant reliving of a performance held in 2004 at Panggung Sari of Istana Budaya. It was a moment also to celebrate the 50 years of diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and China.

Istana Budaya also launched two children publication featuring costume designs of Malaysia. Both books feature characters from the musical theatre of Princess Hang Li Po, Cheng Lock, Ali Baba and Sinbad.

Author and editor of the book Badrul Zaman Abdul says that the books benefit as a reference and collection to art lovers and students in the study of art design in creating costumes in performing arts.

Prepare to be enthralled, inspired, and enlightened as the 2024 cultural programs unfold, weaving a narrative of unity and celebration that transcends boundaries and embraces the beauty of Malaysia’s cultural mosaic.

Head Director Istana Budaya speak at Program Launch Press Conference. Music Press Asia
[Head Director Istana Budaya Mrs Subaidah Mukhtar speaks at Program Launch Press Conference. Music Press Asia]

In real life, this is a showcase of Malaysia’s diverse ethnic tapestry.

The Cultural Palace of Malaysia

Istana Budaya is currently closed to the public due to renovations. It is planned for a reopening in 2026 alongside the Visit Malaysia 2026 campaign.

The building is an architectural marvel. Incorporating a blend of Malay cultural elements, the base of the building takes shape of the Wau Bulan the traditional Malay kite.

Kompang at Istana Budaya 2024 program launch. Music Press Asia
[Kompang musicians at Istana Budaya 2024 program launch. Music Press Asia]

The roof design depicts the cascading betel leaves arrangement known as Sirih Junjung, the traditional Malay ceremonial offering customarily presented during weddings, festivities and welcoming ceremonies.

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Panggung Sari, the main auditorium, can accommodate 1,408 audiences in total at any given time.

Visit Istana Budaya official website, here.

Visit Malaysia Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture official website, here.

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