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Gerpfast Records To Release Thai EP

Fingers Cross EP Early Birth Release by Gerpfast Records. Music Press Asia

Finger Cross latest EP artwork is designed by Into the nut world.

Main collaborators include Kittipat Knoknark (music and lyrics), Sutthipat Kunakorn, and Parinya Imnoy (mix and mastering).

Gerpfast Records, an Indonesian music label, collaborates with Thai girl group Fingers Cross to debut their EP ‘Early Birth’.

Shoegaze always has a new transformation, from the way to create the sound or to perform it as the years go by. One-of-a-kind Idolgaze group from Thailand, Fingers Cross combines shoegazing sound to produce dreamy concepts surrounding the idol scene. Perhaps a direct ode to Thailand’s scene.

Six tracks inside their debut EP mark a long beautiful journey for Fingers Cross. All songs are markedly related to the band’s concept. Keep Your Fingers Cross, for example, is a prayer for good luck. And not only focused on Shoegaze, Fingers Cross also has a wide variety for their music.

“This is not just the ‘genre’ only that we talk about, but every story and content inside Fingers Cross songs.” The songs from the EP ‘Early Birth’ talk about their struggle living around society, government, and romance.

Fingers Cross debut EP ‘Early Birth’ will be released on a very limited cassette (100 only) with Gerpfast Records around January 2022.

Fingers Cross

All Mastering EP. Early Birth by Rabbit Fly
Artwork EP Early Birth by into the nut world

Early Birth EP Streaming & Pre-Order, click here.  

Other releases by Gerpfast Records include Where I Am by Stomp Talk Modstone and Circle of Mind by RAVAGE. Recordings are available in digital and cassette format.

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