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A highly requested piece of article on how to work and collaborate with Music Press Asia.

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Do you have plans to promote your music in 2023? If yes, do you have long-term plans and goals to do this for many more years to come? If the answer is also yes, read on.

In 2022, Music Press Asia collaborated with over 200 specialized live music promoters and marketers in Asia-Pacific and worldwide to promote the release of new music and tell the amazing stories of our generations. Even more so after the pandemic, content-making has become increasingly niche on the internet to give specific insights into the music scene here in Asia.

Today, there is an even larger need to stand out musically. Relatively speaking, Spotify released 60,000 new tracks per day last year totaling around 22 million tracks in a single year. To us, this only means one thing – to uncover and publish some of the finest musical work we have come across and give them the spontaneous shout they so deserve.

But how do we find what we’re looking for? Here is a way you can do to help us with the search for excellence.

Where are we in this creative chaos?
Music Press Asia has – over the years – refined its content output. Our editorial department takes pride in selecting significant events in the calendar year and producing exclusive content from the Music & Entertainment industry.

EDITORIALLY, we collaborate with music labels and record companies to announce new music releases, interview their artists, and share creative ideas from songwriters and music producers. COMMERCIALLY, Music Press Asia’s marketing department works alongside PR agencies and regional managers to curate annual campaigns to promote private as well as government cultural agendas and partnerships in the region. These partnerships are aimed at promoting artistic expressions that explore the beauty in music, dance, theatre, and art.

Promote Music at Music Press Asia
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Why are we doing this? Because we are our best selves at identifying great music and artistic collaborations. We are not only passionate about music but also about making authentic and long-term networks that foster great association with creativity.

Marketing campaigns curated at Music Press Asia go as far as 5 years. And as wisely as can be, our choices to choose and promote music go beyond what music is about today. So, here is what we would need from you.

  1. HAVE A PLAN. Campaigning the release of a new single or album project can be a meticulous work-in-progress let alone a career in music. Distribute your latest music release story and plan an up to 12-month advertising campaign with us.
  2. COMMIT. Marketing your music takes time and creative effort from our team at Music Press Asia. If you are keen to get your music and story out there, we would expect a certain level of commitment from your side as well.
  3. PRESS RELEASE. Stand a chance to get featured in our e-magazine and online platform by sending press releases to us, regularly.
  4. INTRODUCE. Please make an effort to speak and introduce yourself to our regional editors. All you have to do is send us your name, project, and the country you publish music from. Start today by requesting an appointment with us via
  5. PROPOSE. If you already have a music campaign, please send the proposal to Music Press Asia’s CLIENT SERVICES administrator via

This is a series of articles created under Music Press Asia’s February Feature 2023. For further questions about the article, please send your request to

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