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Best Selection of Music-Related Events in May & June 2024

Explore the extraordinary, as we bring you a condensed guide to the most extraordinary music and cultural spectacles shaping the month of May & June 2024.

Warna Indonesia Vocal Group to perform at Java Intl Jazz Fest 2024. Music Press Asia

[Cover image: Warna Indonesia’s vocal group is scheduled to perform at Java International Jazz Festival, Indonesia this May 2024.]

Dive into the rhythm of May and June 2024 with Music Press Asia’s curated live music concert and event listing, spotlighting the most captivating cultural and arts experiences across the Asia-Pacific region.

MAY 2024

May 2024 Music Press Asia Listing

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JUNE 2024

Jun 2024 Music Press Asia Listing

Other more significant days in Asia…

In the Asia-Pacific region, May holds significance for various events depending on the country and context.

Celebrated in many countries across Asia-Pacific, Labor Day (1 May) honours the contributions of workers and is often marked by protests, rallies, and demonstrations advocating for workers’ rights.

ASEAN Day (8 May) marks the establishment of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on August 8, 1967. While the main celebration occurs in August, various events and activities may take place throughout the month of May to commemorate ASEAN’s founding.

Also known as Buddha Purnima or Buddha Day, Vesak Day (22 May) is a significant Buddhist holiday commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha. It is celebrated in many countries across the Asia-Pacific region, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Celebrated in Sarawak, Malaysia, Gawai Dayak (31 May) is Borneo’s very own harvest festival celebrated by the Dayak people, an indigenous ethnic group in Borneo.


[1] 35th annual conference of Music Theory,
[2] Eurovision 2024,
[3] Music Biz 2024,
[4] Cannes Film Festival,
[5] The Great Escape,
[6] Singapore International Festival of Arts,
[7] Java International Jazz Festival,
[8] International Conference on Music & Minimalism,
[9] Phnom Penh International Choir Competition,
[10] Canadian Music Week,
[11] Bachfest Malaysia,
[12] 31st Annual Capital Jazz Fest,
[13] Tribeca Film Festival,
[14] International Indigenous Music Summit,
[15] National Womens Music Festival,
[16] World New Music Days,
[17] Glastonbury Festival,
[18] Primavera Sound,
[19] Rainforest World Music Festival,

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