Southeast Asia Release: A Nonchalant Blithe of Youth

An R&B single release tells a youthfully poignant tale in a time where some of us are still anguishing over the remnants of a disease that changed our lives forever.

R&B trio Khaizhen CLARY zeauk released Way Up. Music Press Asia

R&B Music Release:

A year after the release of their first collaborative R&B single, ‘Mad At You’, trio – zeauk, CLARY and Khai Zhen – reunited to release ‘Way Up’, their second collaborative single.

The single’s music video, premiered on 24 October 2021, defines the set of values they held in high esteem. The lyrics speak loudly of their incurious yet articulate defiance of the stodgy gauge not often seen in this part of the region.

“Call me up but I won’t pick up the phone
I’m chillin’ in my zone
Yeah, we don’t give a damn bout nothin’
We’re on our way up, we go”

If adulthood can be the convivial third course of a fine dinner, then youth itself isn’t that unenjoyable of an appetizer after all. Here is confidence at its most insouciant state and much about making friends.

And if there’s ever a need to transcribe this single into a cocktail menu, it grooves alongside a vehement tropical punch. A trio of graceful progeny increasingly audacious to give life a go, we just hope there’ll be more to come.

A Mouthful of Southeast Asia Goodness

Southeast Asia is reveling in its exoticism not unchallenged in this day and age. These areas in the region are considerably unchartered waters for many music labels and producers whose search for the very essence of particular Asian flavours are still aplenty and undiscovered.

Known also as Zeus Rectra, zeauk is a Kuala Lumpur-based independent music and visual artist from Manila. Following a creative divergence, zeauk managed to establish his name and has built an online following through photography and creative direction since 2016, before venturing into the music scene in 2018.

“Till the lights burned out
We grooving and we vibin’ to the beat real loud
We don’t care right now
Sipping on the sweetest moments till we bounce”

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, CLARY, a singer-songwriter, and musician proves herself a triple threat through her free-spirited and experimental music that breezes between Pop, Hip-Hop, and experimental Soul/R&B. Using music as a tool for self-expression, CLARY found her passion in music drawing influences and inspirations from the artists she listens to – BIBI, Lexie Liu and Audrey Nuna.

Khai Zhen is a music artist, producer based in Kuala Lumpur. From the influence of Chase Atlantic, No Rome, and MANILA GREY, he picked up his interest working on ambiance-based, atmospheric Alternative Pop/R&B music, meanwhile to produce and experience music in a great fusion of different genres.

Performed by zeauk, CLARY, Khai Zhen
Written by zeauk, CLARY, Khai Zhen
Produced by Khai Zhen
Mixed and Mastered by Khai Zhen

Music video is directed by Sanndran

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