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June 7, 2023

Bil Musa release new song via Yuna Room Records. Music Press Asia
music release

Bil Musa Releases New Song by John Jeeves, Hanis Rafi & Firdaus Rahmat

In a recent music video release on YouTube by Armani Entertainment, John Jeeves collaborates with Hanis Rafi and Firdaus Rahmat to write “Pantang”, a song about forbidding backstabbing activities, especially among your close friends. The lyrics sung by Bil Musa featuring Noki K-Clique fight back against all odds in a hostile world – a war between good and evil. Watch…

Is R&B/Hip Hop Making a Comeback?

In a recent research published by Ovum newsletter ‘Music & Copyright, it has revealed a 24% increase in global recorded music sales of R&B/Hip Hop. [A hike from $2.08 bn,…

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