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Bil Musa Releases New Song by John Jeeves, Hanis Rafi & Firdaus Rahmat

Bil Musa release new song via Yuna Room Records. Music Press Asia

In a recent music video release on YouTube by Armani Entertainment, John Jeeves collaborates with Hanis Rafi and Firdaus Rahmat to write “Pantang”, a song about forbidding backstabbing activities, especially among your close friends. The lyrics sung by Bil Musa featuring Noki K-Clique fight back against all odds in a hostile world – a war between good and evil.

Watch the music video on YouTube, here.

Armani Entertainment has also recently released Hasif Upin’s love song “Dilema”.


Yuna Zarai – owner of Yuna Room Records – is now working on her forthcoming album, Y5, which releases in November. Departing from the commercial model of a record label producing her album, Yuna has released her fifth album over a series of EPs, which drop online with accompanying music videos every few months.

Inspired by artists like Usher, Alicia Keys, and Lauryn Hill, Yuna first heard R&B music at school in Kuala Lumpur in the late 1990s, when MTV aired on cable television and Malaysian youth experimented with making their own local version of hip-hop. Yuna’s talent was, indeed, prodigious. Her first single, “Live Your Life,” was produced by Pharrell. Before that, she had learned to play guitar as a teenager, independently writing her own songs.

Image cover credit: Bil Musa’s Facebook account.

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