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Pachinko, Emilio Dümar Partner To Release Single ‘Sweet Release’

Pachinko Emilio Dumar Sweet Release. Music Press Asia

Vietnamese-Australian and Brisbane-based alternative R&B artist Pachinko has returned with his latest track, Sweet Release.

Featuring vocals and co-production from collaborator Emilio Dümar and additional production from Stephan Abraham, Sweet Release is a song inspired by the dream to escape a monotonous 9-5 lifestyle.

The song was written at a time when Pachinko was working a stressful desk job and is highlighted by a swelling chorus conceived while in the office of that job.

Since seeing breakout success in 2021 with the releases of his previous singles Laneway Girl, Primal and Who Knew, Pachinko has cemented himself in the local music landscape as one of the fastest up-and-coming Asian-Australian artists.

This creative project draws from his passion for making music inspired by his Vietnamese roots and mother’s love of karaoke while establishing his unique brand of expressive and powerful belting vocals.

The smooth, guitar-laced R&B track features a strong and emotive vocal performance from Pachinko alongside a guest verse from Emilio Dümar. The result is a dreamy, chill and lush song with a sense of longing that ties into the theme of escaping from day-to-day reality, perfect for a long summer road trip or coastal getaway.

Having recently announced a performance at the BrisAsia Festival in February, Pachinko is an artist to keep an eye on for the rest of 2022.

“Effortlessly smooth and sexy, Pachinko’s tenacious voice rivals the R&B class that has recently monopolised the genre’s space. We can’t wait to hear some more from this Vietnamese-Australian chap.” Monica Tong, Music Press Asia

“If you love the sounds of rei brown, NIKI, Seori or keshi, Pachinko is aligned perfectly with your interests.”Luke Byatt, Futuremag Music

“Brisbane’s multifaceted Pachinko effortlessly captivates listeners through his powerful vocal authenticity. The compelling R&B artist deftly orchestrates a soothing tone with all of his releases, which is bound to ease any listener’s wandering thoughts.”WAEVZ AU

“Pachinko showcases a unique & rich vocal tone with a powerful voice.”Katie Porter, thissongissick

Sweet Release releases today (Wednesday, February 23rd). To stream it, click here for your choice of streaming service. Follow @pachinkoboy on Instagram for future news and updates.

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