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Bea Lorenzo, Benjamin Kheng Collaborate, A Sony Music Release

A new release by Sony Music Entertainment Singapore.

Ben Kheng & Bea Lorenzo Collaborate. Music Press Asia

Homegrown artist Benjamin Kheng returns on the scene with a brand-new song, Good For A Time — an acoustic pop-R&B number that features Filipino artist Bea Lorenzo on vocals.

The radio-friendly pop ballad is a culmination of collaborations on multiple fronts. For the writing, Kheng teamed up with fellow Singaporean singer-songwriter, Linying, best known for penning and performing the theme song for 2021’s National Day Parade, The Road Ahead.

Overseeing the production of the track, Kheng collaborated with Josh Wei (CL, Gentlebones) from Snakeweed Studios. “Josh was a godsend. Not one stone was left unturned. We experimented with many arrangements on different instruments, and I’m glad we landed on this one,” Kheng said.

Filipino singer-songwriter Bea Lorenzo, best known for her prowess with the Kalimba, was brought on as a feature to turn the song into a duet, highlighting the shared experience of heartbreak.

“Good For A Time takes that brief moment and stretches it into a bittersweet 2-and-a-half minutes, painting a picture of young love and the peace that can come with letting go. Working with an artist like Ben, who was so open-minded and caring throughout the process, I was reminded of the joys of honest songwriting and the power it holds in a storytelling space,” Lorenzo said.

“It was serendipitous having Bea Lorenzo as a duet partner. She gave the piece a stunning voice and made the story all the more poignant. Being separated by miles due to the pandemic gave an added depth to the reality of the song,” Kheng added.

This was especially true when producing the music video for Good For A Time. Set in the empty late-night cityscape of Singapore and Manila, the music video depicts Kheng and Lorenzo as ex-lovers reuniting for the first time since their separation. Given that Kheng and Lorenzo were in different countries at the time, filming was done concurrently with a remote team in Manila led by director Simon Te and cinematographer Renz Gonzalez.

Good For A Time is released by Sony Music Entertainment Singapore. Click here to watch the music video.

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Bea Lorenzo is a Manila-based Filipina performing artist whose love for storytelling, stage theatrics, and minimalist arrangements in recorded music inspires and fuels her songwriting. Her journey as a no-genre recording artist began with debut single ‘Ili (Hush)’ which earned her recognition as an award finalist at the 2019 Awit Awards. In the same year, her act was featured on the music television program Coke Studio Philippines.

Bea Lorenzo is managed by Funky Records.

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