Réjizz’s New Release Under Odd Fellas Records

Rejizz released new song. Music Press Asia

Thai producer and artist Réjizz recently released the single Prodigal Son from his debut album ‘No Dreamer’. The hip-hop song, with hints of Drill music, is heavily inspired by the movie ‘Godfather’ – both within the music and the story itself.

‘We believe music is the fuel to life’ are words by Odd Fellas Records, the label, which Réjizz latest song Prodigal Son was released with. The lyrics focused on Réjizz living a carefree life but the artist’s lifestyle constantly chases him everywhere he goes.

But life isn’t a bed of roses anymore for the Bangkok-based artist, as he found his way to embrace the pandemic and adapted to a new nickname – The Pandemic Artist. This song also serves as a sequel to his 2018 song; นักเลงรุ่นเก่า (Old School Gangster).

The name ‘No Dreamer’ represents a period of time where Réjizz is no longer dreaming about becoming an artist but experiences it by living and working on it day by day. Due to the lockdown, he does not get to experience the traditional come-up of an artist; instead, he is stuck at home, witnessing his success unfold on his tiny phone screen, coining the title, “The Pandemic Artist”.

Asked how Réjizz is coping with the pandemic, his answer to Music Press Asia: “The Pandemic. A time when people didn’t know what would kill them first, Covid or the government. You didn’t know whether you’ll get infected or get shot. It didn’t feel safe to go outside anymore, so I spent most of my days caged in my room, obsessing over music. I taught myself to produce beats and I was able to express my frustrations into a 12 track album.”

Each song represents a certain emotional state he was in. Within the walls of his room and the walls inside his head, his thoughts consumed him as he squeezed every drop of creativity into this project, blurring the lines between becoming visionary and delusional. The result of that is the release of No Dreamer, an eleven-track album.

Song: Prodigal Son
Artist/Composer/Arranger/Producer: Rejizz
Label: Odd Fellas Records (
Mastering: Lumzum

Ray Jay Rangsit, better known by his stage name Réjizz, is a Thai hip-hop recording artist and record producer. Born and raised in Bangkok Thailand, Réjizz started gaining recognition as a rapper after he released several works and collaborated with fellow producers and artists such as SS FLO, Rhymekhamhaeng, ZAMBUG, and D Gerrard.

Click here to listen to Prodigal Son. The song is now available on all music streaming platforms.

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