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July 25, 2024

AtlasMaior MonksJazzClub Photo by Ismael QuintanillaIII Music Press Asia
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Photo by Ismael QuintanillaIII.
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Music Reminiscent of West Africa, Morocco & Arabian Peninsula

On the heels of their debut vinyl release, Atlas Maior will be joining Nizami Qawwali at the Asian American Resource Center tomorrow (15 Jun). This event is in collaboration with the Asian American Resource Center and Atlas Maior, with funding from the City of Austin’s Live Music Fund. The internationally lauded global jazz ensemble Atlas Maior has presented a culmination…

A Dark & Psychedelic Album: Morricone Segreto

For the feature of the month of August, we are highlighting a short documentary released by CAM Sugar & Decca Records. As we tap our feet impatiently waiting for Morricone’s…

Ennio Morricone Segreto Album 2020 cover. Music Press Asia
Editor's Pick

G.E.M. Releases Utopian Album with Warner Music China

The global superstar and singer-songwriter G.E.M. is partnering with Warner Music China to release, promote and distribute her newest fourteen-tracked album, Revelation. The exclusive deal is focused on global marketing…

G.E.M to release new album REVELATION. Music Press Asia

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