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G.E.M. Releases Utopian Album with Warner Music China

G.E.M to release new album REVELATION. Music Press Asia

The global superstar and singer-songwriter G.E.M. is partnering with Warner Music China to release, promote and distribute her newest fourteen-tracked album, Revelation.

The exclusive deal is focused on global marketing and expanding her career, beginning from both physical and digital formats of the newest album.

And it all starts from the teaser for the first track, “Afterland”. Playing the role of Gloria, the singer sets the tone with a 30-second monologue outlining the vibrant life in the futuristic utopian universe she hails from.

“In the age of EPs and singles, people’s patience to savour a song from beginning to end seems to wear thin; and I wrote fourteen songs in my upcoming album. Every one of them represents a revelation very dear to me, for they taught me more about myself and about love,” said G.E.M.

“To really encourage listeners to pay attention to the songs, I came up with the concept of serial music videos — there’s a music video for each track, but together they are telling a story,” she added.

Similarly, the album is retrospective in many ways of her spiritual life; she depicts a metaverse-like heaven per se. “Revelation is a two-part album. The first half is my message to heaven, and the latter is the reply from heaven. This album marks my path to revelation. I look forward to sharing my new songs with my fans, both old and new.”

Check out the stunning visuals and sublime world-building – a teaser of the AFTERLIFE movie. Album is scheduled for release on 9 August.

On 16 July, the Forbes “30 Under 30” nominee broke her six-month silence on social media by announcing the release of her latest album, Revelation. She was the first Asian artist to perform at the prestigious NASA Breakthrough Prizes Awards. Following that, appeared on the BBC’s 100 Women list, which highlights 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world.

[G.E.M. performs song ‘Light Years Away’ from the Hollywood film PASSENGERS at NASA Breakthrough Awards 2019]

Over the past few years, G.E.M. has established her reputation as one of the most successful Chinese singer-songwriters of all time through the release of a series of critically acclaimed albums. Boasting over 100 million social media followers in China, she continues to gain a massive global fanbase.

“G.E.M. is an immensely accomplished artist and songwriter. I am exhilarated that she is joining the Warner Music family. Backed by our global influence and creative expertise, she will reach new audiences worldwide and become a truly international star.”

— Sherry Tan, Managing Director of Warner Music China.

One of China’s top-selling female artists, G.E.M. made her debut on the Hong Kong music scene in 2008 at the of age 16. She went on to shoot to superstardom in China in 2014 after participating in Hunan Television’s I Am A Singer (Season 2), an iconic singing competition open to well-known professional singers.

By the age of 27, G.E.M had already held more than 140 concerts around the globe. She also holds the record for the most viewed female Chinese singer on YouTube, having achieved over 1.5 billion channel views, becoming the first to have four music videos that generated more than 100 million views on the platform.

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