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China Released New Five-Year Culture & Tourism Plan

Celebrating China’s Centenary Week: A new era for China is beginning this week with a celebration of arts and culture. 

Peking Opera has been China's greatest traditional art export. What are China's new plans to boost culture and tourism? Music Press Asia

Earlier this month (June), China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism released its 14th five-year plan to develop the various areas for the 2021-2025 period.

The plan sets out the major tasks of developing the culture and tourism, including advancing social civility, establishing artistic creation systems for a new era, improving the protection, inheritance and utility of cultural heritage, and enhancing the modern tourism system.

“Efforts will be made to provide higher-quality and efficient public cultural services and greater accessibility and sustainability over the next five years,” said Yan Xiaodong, an official with the ministry, at a press conference.

According to the ministry, it will continue to upgrade the structure of the cultural industry and promote the employment of new technologies and digitisation. Along with the Belt and Road initiatives in place, it has plans to also deepen international cultural cooperation and strengthen cooperation.

Tourist products will be enriched and improved during the period, with new offerings to be expected such as national cultural parks, red tourism routes and ice and snow tourism attractions, it said.

The plan also underlines the development of internet-powered tourism, promotion of smart management of tourist attractions and innovation of tourism-related public services.

Source: Xinhua

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