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June 23, 2024

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Masks Around The World: Clothing The Pandemic

A true expression of dire need to express what could potentially sell well, we are uncomfortably familiar with the curation pieces used for this art exhibition. This art exhibition makes it really hard for us to turn away out of ignorance because it is not an option. By now, we’ve come to know this piece as part of us. The…

Hindola Raga: A Musical Ode To Spring

Artists of the South Asian painting tradition were fascinated by the topic of the Ragamala (literally ‘garland of musical modes’).…

Hindola Raga is a Ragamala painting dedicated to Indian music. Music Press Asia]
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Singa Nglaras Live At Batik Festival

Tune in to traditional Javanese music in a gamelan performance presented by the Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble. Coming to you live at the Asian Civilisations Museum’s this weekend, there will…

Singa Nglaras to perform at aCM Batik Festival. Music Press Asia
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ACM: Embracing Batik Weekend Festival

Join the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) this coming weekend — 22-24 July — for performances and activities inspired by the wonderful world of batik! The Embracing Batik Weekend Festival is…

ACM new art exhibition Batik Kita Singapore. Music Press Asia
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Peking Opera has been China's greatest traditional art export. What are China's new plans to boost culture and tourism? Music Press Asia
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China Released New Five-Year Culture & Tourism Plan

Earlier this month (June), China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism released its 14th five-year plan to develop the various areas for the 2021-2025 period. The plan sets out the major tasks of developing the culture and tourism, including advancing social civility, establishing artistic creation systems for a new era, improving the protection, inheritance and utility of cultural heritage, and enhancing…

ADEX Features Seven Ocean Artists

ADEX, Asia’s largest dive expo, is known as a huge advocate of the ocean. Last Saturday, its virtual expo — ADEX Pixel Virtual Expo — celebrates ocean arts with its…

ADEX promotes ocean artists part of its virtual expo. Music Press Asia.
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“Peter Saul”: The rudest painting show of year 2020

Fueled with contrasting influences from MAD magazine comics to Surrealist fantasies and American social realist painting from the 1930, Peter Saul’s latest exhibition (at the New Museum, New York) brings…

Take a virtual tour of Saul Peter's exhibition, "Crime and Punishment," on website Music Press Asia
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