ADEX Features Seven Ocean Artists

Continuing our year-long dedication to the environment, here’s an event to commemorate mother nature and the inspiration that came along with it. 

ADEX promotes ocean artists part of its virtual expo. Music Press Asia.

ADEX, Asia’s largest dive expo, is known as a huge advocate of the ocean. Last Saturday, its virtual expo — ADEX Pixel Virtual Expo — celebrates ocean arts with its very own collective group of Ocean Artist. Its ‘Art for Sale’ event featured seven artists from all corners of the world, including Anuar Abdullah (Malaysia), Jade Hoksbergen (Taiwan) and Anindia Kalindava (Indonesia).

Malaysian artist, Abdullah, is the founder of Ocean Quest Global and ADEX Coral Reef Ambassador since 2013. Creator of the Sea Shepherd Dive-Coral Propogation Program. Not only he manages Coral Rehabilitation Projects in the South East Asia region, he is a self-taught ocean artist that hopes to raise awareness of the ocean’s predicament through art. Video link here.

Anindia Kalindava is a one of a kind, multi-talented artist from Indonesia who cannot dive without her compact camera. Not only being a professional underwater photographer, she also models, mermaidings and paints her vision of her connection to the underwater world on big canvases and fashion items. She became ADEX Ocean Artist in 2015. Video link here.

Explore the quirky yet whimsical interpretations of marine life in psychedelic and technicolour! Jade Hoksbergen is a French-Taiwanese visual artist whose work can be described as: the mysteries of the underwater world meets modern art. Taking great inspiration from beneath the waves (she first scuba dived at 8 years old), as well as the great artists that came before her such as Picasso and Basquiat, Jade’s signature style is refreshingly imaginative as she puts her own spin to the aquatic creatures she has encountered. Her paintings provide a healthy dose of colour and symbolism, lightening up the spaces they inhabit. Although painting for over a decade, Jade’s work only recently came to market and has been eagerly received by a passionate following of international buyers. In Jade’s own words: “The ocean is a place I have often felt most free. Diving transports me to the same place painting does, a place of tremendous healing and relief… II keep my head above the water by painting what may lurk below.” When she’s not painting, Jade works as an award-winning underwater photographer and author, often alongside husband Henley Spiers. She resides in Devon, UK, along with their two young daughters. Video link here.

[ADEX’s global webcast featured Taiwanese & French ocean artist and award-winning underwater photographer, Jade Hoksbergen. Image courtesy of ADEX. Music Press Asia]

Catch a glimpse of how they get creative on ADEX official web page here. Other ocean artists who took part in the webinar on the links below:
Olga Belka from Russia
Pascal Lecocq from France
Stan Gonia from Germany
Mary Sayre from the United States

While ADEX Ocean Festival slated for end of this month may have been postponed due to the increasing pandemic forecast, its last event in 2019 became Asia’s first dive show to move towards a single-use plastic free expo. Attracting well over 60,000 attendees to its three-day expo in 2018, the Singapore event exhibited the latest gear and technology, deals on the best dive courses and trips and engaging talks by the industry’s leading figures.

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