ACM: Embracing Batik Weekend Festival

Singa Nglaras, a Singapore-based Gamelan ensemble, will be performing Javanese Gamelan tunes at the Weekend Festival.

ACM new art exhibition Batik Kita Singapore. Music Press Asia

Join the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) this coming weekend — 22-24 July — for performances and activities inspired by the wonderful world of batik!

The Embracing Batik Weekend Festival is held in conjunction with the ACM’s latest special exhibition, Batik Kita: Dressing in Port Cities. This exhibition explores the rich history and culture of batik and batik making, from its traditional roots to contemporary designs. In celebration of Southeast Asian heritage, it will also feature over 100 pieces from overseas and local lenders, as well as many from its very own National Collection.

Additionally, the exhibition also introduces innovations by batikers in the age-old craft, and showcases how batik charted the evolution of new identities from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Visitors to Batik Kita are invited to step into the exquisite world of batik textiles that cut across cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and explore the dynamic possibilities of batik as fashion through the years.

Back to the Batik Weekend Festival this weekend, museum-goers may also enjoy traditional gamelan music and Indonesian dances, or even take part in a variety of batik-related workshops and art-making activities.

Although it is free admission to attend performances and drop-in activities, a special $10 discounted admission rate applies to visit Batik Kita: Dressing in Port Cities, only during programme timings (usual price: $12 for Singaporeans/PRs, $25 for foreigners).

Musical Programs at the festival:

Traditional Indonesian Dance with Wefi’s Dancers

Step into the world of traditional Indonesian dance, as Wefi’s Dancers present three performances – the ronggeng blantek from Jakarta, wira pertiwi from Central Java, and bajidor kahot from West Java.

22 Jul, 7pm; ACM Porch
23 & 24 Jul, 3pm; Foyer, L2

Javanese Gamelan Tunes with Singa Nglaras

Singa Nglaras to perform at aCM Batik Festival. Music Press Asia
[Singa Nglaras to perform at ACM’s Embracing Batik Weekend Festival. Music Press Asia]

Tune in to traditional Javanese music in a gamelan performance presented by the Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble. As you enjoy the music, you’ll also get to learn more about the instruments and sounds of gamelan.

22 Jul, 8pm
23 & 24 Jul, 1.30 & 4.30pm
ACM Porch; Free

For more information about the festival and its full programme list, visit ACM’s official website here.

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