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Cabott & Bast Cultura To Present Showcase At ArtJog 2022

Bast Cultura & Cabott Presents Rumble ARTJOG 2022. Music Press Asia

RUMBLE is a music showcase set to take place at ARTJOG 2022, one of the largest art exhibitions in Indonesia. Presented by Cabott and Bast Cultura, the show is scheduled for the last Saturday of the month — 30 July.

The Jogja National Museum is set to host the show that will merge a variety of soundscapes representing the electronic music community circle. From Cabott’s side, performing acts will focus exclusively on Noise/Experimental music, while Bast Cultura represents a growing community-based collective that will be expanding its expressions of the Java Heat: Neo Tropica and Bobbins series. These post-apocalyptic-themed events continue to be a demand for gatherings in Indonesia, interchangeably and creatively evolving musical showcases nationwide.

A creative debut nonetheless in this collaboration, its organiser aims for a long-term commitment to get the show going not just once but for many more editions down the road. RUMBLE will represent a reflection of inventiveness and visionary lessons combine. Mutual in their zealous devotion to electronic music and uncompromising fortitude in their musical expressions.

Merging a resolutely unorthodox musical lineup with beautiful visuals curated by Ardian Cahyo, RUMBLE is set to entertain and stimulate its audience.

Christine Ay Tjoe to exhibit at ARTJOG 2022. Music Press Asia
[Artist Christine Ay Tjoe to exhibit at ARTJOG 2022]

The Lineup at RUMBLE will include performances by acts and artists as follows:

Loreng (DJ)
Sanjonas (DJ)
Akbar & Hilman
Bergegas Mati
Indra Menus
Ardian Cahyo

[Partner & Organiser at RUMBLE ARTJOG 2022]

Cabott is a creative collective founded by Gerpfast Records, The Weekend Noise & Brrz Studio.

Artjog 2022 National Museum Yogyakarta. Music Press Asia

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