Endy Chow, ToNick Win Best Original Film Song

– Best Original Film Song goes to song Origin of Time composed by Endy Chow and ToNick. – Ryuichi Sakamoto’s film scoring efforts win Best Original Film Score for the 2020 film Love After Love [第一炉香].

Endy Chow ToNick Win Best Original Film Song HKFAA22. Music Press Asia

The song “Origin of Time” has recently won Best Original Film Song at the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Written as a theme song for the film One Second Champion, the song is composed by Chiu Sin-hang aka ToNick, who also plays the role of director for the film. He composed and performed the song in a joint collaboration with Endy Chow [周國賢], with 作詞 as the lyricist.

One Second Champion is a film about a single father who learns the lesson the hard way. When he became gifted with the power of seeing one second into the future, he was persuaded to use the power in the boxing ring.

Harry Ng works alongside Foley Mixer and Sound Effects Editor Rafael Millan and Producer/Arranger Goro Wong under its Music & Sound Department.

A poignant song, the creators dedicated its poetic lyrics to how time can be a teacher. While we may have missed an opportunity to improve to have done something better, time in essence is experiential. Success versus failure, and death with life, the song is synonymous with the mystical power of a boxer when he could see one second into the future. What would he do with this power?

Listen to Origin of Time, here.


Under the Best Original Film Song category, other notable nominations include Nicholas Tse’s song DeadLock for the film Raging Fire. It isn’t unusual practice to have the main role of a film sing its theme song. But Nicholas is still very much a pop artist.

Having Nicholas not only marks him widely as a leading role as an actor. But that his music in the pop rock genre is still as relevant as it is he as an actor today. His role in Raging Fire is a testament to a life-long dedication to the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, where roles of an artist and a singer are aptitudes found similarly in one individual. Similarly, elements of skills that are trained in Kpop entertainment today. The longevity of a pop act is important.

The film has an impressive line of presenters and sponsors including Emperor Film Production Company Limited, Tencent Pictures Culture Media Company Limited, and Sil-Metropole Organisation Limited

[Nicholas Tse sings Raging Fire’s theme song title

Listen to Nicholas Tse’s Dead Lock, here.

Zero to Hero is the theme song written for the film with the same name. Published by Kobalt Music Publishing Asia, the song sees Jer Lau [柳應廷] perform with The Hong Kong Children’s Choir. Day Tai is the composer of the song, lyrics by Saville Chan.

The song is about cheering those who are on the ‘starting line’, and also for those who are reluctant to give up. Willing to fight its cause and not giving proves to be some of the key factors for any sportsman. The song complements the story of the film inspired by real events. It talks about the training of a Paralympian from Hong Kong and the determination fostered by the relationship he has with his mother. Listen to Day Tai’s Zero To Hero, here.

Zero to Hero is presented by One Cool Film Production Limited, China Film Co., Ltd., World Universal Culture Limited, Lian Ray Pictures, Big Honor Entertainment Limited, Imagi International Holdings Limited, and Beijing Gutian Film and Television Production Co., Ltd.

[Jer Lau sings Zero To Hero soundtrack with the Hong Kong Children’s Choir.]

Additionally, Day Tai in a joint composing collaboration with Heyo created another nominated song titled Welcome To This City from the film, ‘The Way We Keep Dancing’. A song dedicated to those searching for freedom and is mainly reactionary. Dismal compromise is regularly an expression in hip hop, a genre that has significantly become an expressive musical language to articulate animosity and dejection. Listen and watch the music video, here.

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