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Singa Nglaras Live At Batik Festival

Singa Nglaras to perform at aCM Batik Festival. Music Press Asia

[Singa Nglaras to perform at ACM's Embracing Batik Weekend Festival. Music Press Asia]

Tune in to traditional Javanese music in a gamelan performance presented by the Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble. Coming to you live at the Asian Civilisations Museum’s this weekend, there will be FREE performances at the venue’s porch.

Singa Nglaras means “relaxing lion” (the word “nglaras” means both to “relax” and “to harmonize, tune”). Formed in January 2004, the ensemble is managed by Dr Jan Mrázek of the Department of Southeast Asian Studies. Members of the ensemble are mainly NUS students, alumni, and faculty members, together with many non-NUS members of the public.

The Ensemble plays and rehearses on one of the largest sets of Javanese Gamelan in Singapore, Kyai Tunjung Laras. This set is housed and maintained by the Department of Southeast Asian Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and is also used for teaching university modules that feature practical lessons in Gamelan as well as other workshops for the public.

Last year, the ensemble performed at Sembur Adas: Spiritual and Religious music from Java for Esplanade’s Tapestry of Sacred Music programme, featuring spiritual and religious music from different traditions.

Visit Singa Nglaras official website, here.

Live Music Schedule at the Batik Festival this weekend

22 Jul, 8pm
23 & 24 Jul, 1.30 & 4.30pm
ACM Porch; Free

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