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May 28, 2023

Likhang Peyups Diliman at UPSO. Music Press Asia
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[UP Diliman OICA recent performance of Likhang Peyup. Image by Hanani Asuncion Photography

UP College Of Music Launches UPSO MusiKademya

Established in 2023 in partnership with the University of the Philippines College Of Music’s MusicX, UPSO MusiKademya is now launched to offer children, teenagers, and adults the opportunity to learn orchestral instruments with our accomplished UPSO musicians. Beyond basic performance techniques, according to their official news release, MusiKademya aims to ‘equip its students with skills in ensemble playing to further…

Singa Nglaras Live At Batik Festival

Tune in to traditional Javanese music in a gamelan performance presented by the Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble. Coming to you live at the Asian Civilisations Museum’s this weekend, there will…

Singa Nglaras to perform at aCM Batik Festival. Music Press Asia
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Malaysian Artists Released Borneo Music Documentary

Malaysian acts Estranged and Alena Murang launched their recently produced documentary on Borneo music today at Drum Asia Studio in Desa Sri Hartamas. The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (K-KOMM)…

Road To Our Heritage by Estranged Sdn Bhd. Music Press Asia

Ramadan & Hari Raya Music Playlist

As the fasting month of Ramadan arrive on its third week, Hari Raya etches closer as preparation for the annual celebration becomes more excited. Music Press Asia celebrates Hari Raya…

Ramadan and Hari Raya music playlist. Music Press Asia

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