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May 25, 2024

Adam Sandler Tours USA 2022. Music Press Asia
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Adam Sandler Standup Tour: A Musical & Comical Fanfare

Adam Sandler is back with a rare tour of casinos and arenas to remind live audiences, young and old – that standup comedy and silly ditties are what he does best. Ever since the release of 50 First Dates, it is hard to discern that beloved comedian-actor Adam Sandler could do anything less than wonderful. He is balancing a seemingly…

iGo Launches QR Payments At WHISKY LIVE 2017

iGo says it’s taking it’s cashless ecosystem to the next level for Singapore concerts, festivals, and shows. IGo is hoping to get its users to either top up credits on…

iGo launches QR payments at WHISKY LIVE 2017

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