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The 11th Bali International Choir Festival returns this 25-28 July to host worldwide attendance to join their choir workshop, friendship concert and competition.

11th Bali Intl Choir Festival D2 2022. Music Press Asia

After two years of absence due to the pandemic, the Bali International Choir Festival (BICF) returns to perform again. Stronger than ever, events in Indonesia are returning and are made possible after the implementation of health protocols.

The Friendship Concert in the past events features choirs from as far as Venezuela, Guatemala and Mexico. These huge archives of singing are presented LIVE yesterday on artistic director Tommyanto Kandisaputra’s own YouTube channel, which also functions as the festival’s main streaming portal. Featuring choirs in the navels of church and outdoor stages, the rich content featured in various parts of the virtual Friendship Concert is perfectly educational even for those who aren’t able to physically attend the festival.

One of the most impressive virtual presentations comes from the 115 Choir from South Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Here, the performance of the song Chua-Ay is conducted by Edo Hendra Sudarmanto S.E. Last year, the choir won the gold medal 4th Potition in the Bali International Choir Festival under the Youth Choir category.

“The world situation due to this pandemic still leaves question marks and worries for all of us. But the call to continue our lives with full vigilance is a must for all of us. Likewise, Choir activities will be continued with vigilance, so that singing activities can provide hope, joy and additional immunity and body immunity,” Tommyanto Kandisaputra, artistic director of Bali International Choir Festival 2022.

Today, the highlight of its program would include the Choir Championship. Like the battle of the bands, juries would be challenged to pick some of the best choirs in the world. Other fun programs including the Friendship Concert and Choir Exchange will continue to see a massive exchange of skills and friendships here in Denpasar, Bali.

[St Joseph, a Catholic church in Denpasar to host BICF’s grand prix championship – THE BATTLE OF THE CHOIRS]

The Virtual Concert on YouTube today would include a collaboration of five choirs across Canada – Grand Philharmonic Choir (Ontario), Halifax Camerata Singers (Nova Scotia), Richard Eaton Singers (Alberta), Symphony Nova Scotia Chorus (Nova Scotia), and Societe chorale de Saint-Lambert (Quebec).

Click below for a video highlight of BICF’s second day in Bali:

On the last day (28 July), its program at the Taksu Hall and Dharma Negara Alaya in Denpasar will highlight the Grand Prix Round of qualified choirs from various categories: Teenager’s Choir, Children’s Choir, Pop & Jazz, Folksong, Gospel, Musica Sacra, and more.

Presented by the Bandung Choral Society, the Choir Festival will see the attendance of musicians, conductors, teachers, and trainers held from 25-28 July. The festival site will adhere to the strict health protocols aligned with the safety and health restrictions suggested by the ministry of health.

Watch the Virtual Programs at 2022 The 11th Bali International Choir Festival, here.

Visit The Bandung Choral Society’s official website, here.

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