TIFFCOM’s 20th Edition Launches

Marketplace for film and TV in Asia

TIFF Japan film expo. Music Press Asia

TIFFCOM, the leading content market in Asia is affiliated with Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), featuring a variety of content holders from film, TV, animation etc., the market has been drawing in much interest from influential buyers from around world.

TIFFCOM 2023, celebrating its 20th anniversary, will be the first physical event in four years since 2019 at a new venue, the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center HAMAMATSUCHO-KAN in the Bay Area in Tokyo.

DATE  Oct.25(Wed.)- 27 (Fri.), 2023
VENUE Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center HAMAMATSUCHO-KAN

TIFFCOM 2023 Tokyo Film Marketplace. Music Press Asia
[TIFFCOM 2023 Tokyo Film Marketplace. Music Press Asia]

TIFFCOM is focusing on the “Producing” market. The Tokyo GapFinancing Market (TGFM), which started three years ago, will be held as a physical event for the first time.

In recent years, there has also been a rise in the number of exhibitors that not only handle the sale of completed content but negotiate business opportunities on IP (Intellectual Property) rights and book adaptations.

By boosting the number of meetings related to film, animation, game, and other audio-visual contents, TIFFCOM, as the marketplace leveraging business on visual entertainment, will continue to grow and bring more achievements.

This year, 15 have been selected that include Asian and/or Japanese elements. The new projects are: Ming Jin Woo, Aditya Assarat, as well as those of Japanese directors, Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Kazuya Shiraishi, Daigo Matsui, and Junya Okabe.

Furthermore, there is also a new themed titled “Tokyo Story Market” specializing in business negotiations for film and audiovisual adaptations of original works (stories) including manga (Japanese comics) and novels.

Participating Japanese publishers include Kadokawa, Kodansha, Shueisha and Shogakukan.

Last year, executives from Tencent Games was scheduled as keynote speaker on the panel ‘The Potential for Games x Anime as perceived by Tencent Games’.

For more information about TIFFCOM, click here.

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