Editor’s Choice: Films To Watch at Malaysia International Film Festival 2023

Malaysia International Film Festival collaborates with Bucheon International Film Festival and Taiwan films to expand film storytelling in the region and increase creativity among film producers and regional collaborations.

Editor's choice Films of 2023 at Music Press Asia

The 6th edition of Malaysia International Film Festival is a 7-day treat to all moviegoers and industry professionals. Running from today onwards from 24-30 July, it features a regionally spectacular program of not only new movie premieres and screenings of classics, but also forums attended directly by casts and production crews.

MIFFest is set to take place at LaLaport BBCC from July 23-29 with a programme that includes 42 films from 15 countries. An awards ceremony will be held on July 29.

The festival will open with the world premiere of Malaysian family drama Eraser, directed by Mark Lee See Teck and featuring the final on-screen performance of the late Adibah Noor. The closing film will be the international premiere of See You At The Rally by Taiwanese filmmaker Kanny Chang.

This year, MIFFest will bestow its lifetime achievement award on Sylvia Chang, in recognition of a career spanning several decades that recently included A Light Never Goes Out, for which she won the Golden Horse best actress award last November.

The festival has selected GSC MYTOWN in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) as a location to screen all its films. It begins by screening one of Hong Kong’s most epic drama ‘All About Ah-Long’ featuring Chow Yun Fatt.


On Tuesday, the 2023’s first MIFFEST forum titled ‘Models and Scenarios for the Global Success of Genre Cinema’ will feature Kim Sung Kwan (Director of Iron Mask) and Ellen Kim (Programme Director of BIFAN).

Ryuichi Hiroki will host a masterclass ‘Telling Women’s Stories’ as part of the Malaysian Premiere of his film titled ‘2 Women’.

MIFFEST 2023 Eraser by Mark Lee. Music Press Asia
[Eraser by Mark Lee is a fictional story set in Malaysia. Music Press Asia]

In collaboration with BMW Shorties Short Film. It is back for its 17th edition with its new theme – EVOLVE! This partnership aims to bring homegrown talents in Malaysia to global stages – challenging its creators to explore new perspectives of storytelling. It will announce its Top 10 Finalists participating in the program. Stand a chance to vote for your favourite finalists here.

In a panel organized for 28 July’s (Fri.), the Taiwan Short Film Showcase – featuring four films – will see Jovi Lee (Director of Babes’ Not Alone) invited as guest speaker.

In a tribute dedicated to the Cantonese film ‘All About Ah-Long’, the MIFFEST Masterclass (Jul 29) features panel titled ‘Decoding Action Directorial Master: In Conversation with Johnnie To’ – a face to face session with the person who made the film a worldwide sensation.

To view the full list of programmes curated for the 2023 Malaysia International Film Festival, click here.

MIFFEST 2023 Jury members. Music Press Asia
[MIFFEST 2023 Jury panels for the final stage include Johnnie To, Ryuichi Hiroki, Zizan Razak, Truong Ngoc Ang and Eric Khoo. Music Press Asia]


This year film-makers competing in this film festival total of ten new movies from as far as Spain, Ukraine and Turkey. Facing current dilemma of the 21st century, Chie Hayakawa introduces us to Japan’s most current issue facing the aging nation. ‘Plan 75’ depicts a jarring reality of overcrowding in dealing with an almost bionic society. Allowing its audience to face and plan death rarely so straightforwardly.

Sylvia Chang – who’d also be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Awards – stars in many new and also classic movies offered in this film festival. She is in ‘A Light Never Goes Out’ by Anastasia Tsang. Facing Hong Kong’s developing aesthetics of its city after sundown, this is about a film of hope of a skill fast disappearing.

Neon lights are used to light up the commercial retailers used to line the streets of Hong Kong and plays a huge part illuminating the city’s nightlife. In this Malaysian Premiere, Tsang goes all out to bring forward an issue that may seem invisible to shoppers.

6th Malaysia Intl Film Fest 2023 Screening Schedule. Music Press Asia
[6th Malaysia Intl Film Fest 2023 Screening Schedule. Music Press Asia]

In a world that is ultimately growing ever smaller, Emma Kawawada made ‘My Small Land’. The film takes you on a journey into the lives of a Kurdish family living in Japan. Despite their best efforts to remain as citizen, they face deportation on top of humiliation and personal identity.

Hong Kong film ‘Sunny Side of the Street’ by Lau Kok Rui features Anthony Wong, an experienced and seasoned actor since his rise to fame in the 80s. The film depicts the immigration issues of refugees in Hong Kong, a subject we all know too well. This time, a Pakistani family faces deportation.

Under the OPEN AIR CINEMA: Malaysia Homegrown Indie category, the festival features five indie production including Jagat by Sun-J Perumal and The Tiger Factory by Woo Ming Jin.

Emma Kawawada to premiere film at Malaysia Intl Film Fest. Music Press Asia
[Emma Kawawada to premiere the film ‘My Small Land’ at Malaysia International Film Festival 2023. Music Press Asia]

Representing its largest film category are eleven (11) films from Taiwan.

Featuring two international premieres under the collaboration with BIFAN (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival). They are Iron Mask (Kim Sung Kwan) and SINGLE8 (Konaka Kazuya).

View the full screening programme on Golden Screen Cinema official website, here.

View all participating films and categories on MIFFEST official website, here.

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