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Playlist: Hari Raya, Ramadhan & Aidilfitri

The Sounds of Southeast Asia/MALAYSIA: Known as one of the most culturally-diverse region in the world, Southeast Asia is a region that celebrates diversity with no questions asked.

Music Playlist: Malaysia classic Hari Raya songs. Music Press Asia.

Malaysians, over the past two months, have endured much. Having persevered under the movement control order (M.C.O), it then later the conditional movement control order (C.M.C.O), another order has been given by the government to enter another new phase. Extended for another four weeks until 9 June, ‘balik kampung’ meaning ‘back to where you belong’ for the Hari Raya celebration will no longer be allowed.

Inhibited by communities that represent some of Southeast Asia’s most pristine subcultures, this region is keeping it all together despite an illustrious past working alongside each other. Promoting peace and love through dances and songs which grip the heart of its people even today.

This month, we, the great teams here at Music Press Asia brings back the fun of songs that celebrate togetherness. With more family dinners at home, the Hari Raya or Aidilfitri will never be the same again after the pandemic. So let’s celebrate family day with some of our top playlist at the office for the month of April. Details below are available to the public on the YouTube channel. Here’s an ode to beautiful lyrics, sultry voices, the big bands of Southeast Asia, and the Bahasa Malaysia language.

SELAMAT HARI RAYA, sung by Saloma (Datuk Sharifah Aini. UMG (on behalf of EMI Malaysia, Sony ATV Publishing), UMPG Publishing, and 8 music rights societies.

‘Rasalah ketupat ini, dengan rendangnya sekali’, ‘Kita bermaaf-maafan…semasa berhari raya’: These lyrics are what made this song a hit today. With a chorus that we’ve been listening to every year at shopping malls and restaurant in Malaysia, it sings about a festive dinner filled with the sour and the savoury. And being spoilt for choice. Don’t be shy, it beckons, because by being so will only hinder the celebration. Saloma rose to fame in the ’60s and released songs and albums totalling over 500 songs collectively throughout her whole life. Officially named as National Songbird in 1978 for her “lemak merdu” voice.

[Image: In this poster promoting the Bintang Pujaan series, one of Saloma’s song was selected as the 32nd best song for a Malaysia-based chart. Music Press Asia]

AIDILFITRI HARI BAHAGIA, sung by Fazidah Joned. UMG (on behalf of EMI Malaysia Sdn Bhd), Sony ATV Publishing and 7 music rights societies.

Performed by a songbird with the most voluptuous voice in Malaysia at the time is this list’s most jazzy number. Its rendition of a calm morning filled with fragrances of spices, especially in the morning, sets the tone to a day of great excitement and colour when hosting family and old friends. Joned joined the Sukmamurni Orkestra when she was just fourteen. After being signed by EMI, her contract with the major recording label saw a partnership which eventually published nine EPs and one LP titled ‘Tiga Bidara’.

DARI JAUH KUPHOHON MAAF, sung by Dato’ Sudirman. UMG on behalf of EMI Malaysia Sdn Bhd; PT Nadaku Musik, Sony ATV Publishing and 6 music rights societies.

Sudirman’s voice makes an elegant vibrato at the end of each verse of this poetic song. With irresistible melancholy, it sings about a celebration away from home. And longing for the blessing of parents till the next visit. We are drawn, unapologetically, to Sudirman ever since. Also a lawyer, he was named the ambassador singer of Tourism Malaysia in 1986, and soon other national brands like Proton and Malaysia Airlines joined in to celebrate his works.

[Image: Here is an image of the late Dato’ Sudirman when he was awarded Best Artist in 1989. Music Press Asia]

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