Bill Bensley Debuts Public Art Exhibition in Bangkok

Bill Bensley To Premiere Art Exhibition in Bangkok. Music Press Asia

Bangkok-based Bill Bensley is an internationally acclaimed architect. From January 28 to February 28, he will be displaying his art for the very first time for an art exhibition open to the public.

The amusing and enchanting artworks by Bensley will be on display during “Love — Camp — Explore — Dreams” at the RCB Galleria of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24.

This is the first exhibition of the self-taught artist. The same person who put many of his works up for auction last year to raise funds for charitable causes. Having learned from other artists through observation, he came up with his own style that interplays humour and immaculate details with vivid colours and captivating figures.

[Bill Bensley’s painting regularly depicts nature and the environment. This piece was placed on auction in September 2021.]

Bensley carries an animated character of a boy always at play. Now available for sale online and at the exhibition, the display is explained in four chapters. Combining varying mediums from painting to sculpture that depict his progression artistically, as he explores his day-to-day surroundings to create art.

The LOVE segment presents artworks detailing the epitome of love shared among the living population, and for the planet. On the topic of Racism, depicted in the paintings, Bensley managed to add touches of humour, at the same time juxtaposing the traditional and modernity that gives life to Bangkok, Thailand.

Next is “Camp” which represents the idiosyncratic behaviours of the LGBTI community in Thailand where he’s resided for over 30 years. The “Explore” shows the kind people of Papua who he met on remote islands two years ago, as well as pieces inspired by his travels to Portugal and Luang Prabang in Laos.

Lastly, The “Dreams” part is an adventure into the figments of his imagination, where Bensley uses fire, wood, beeswax, baking soda, nails and ceramics to create art pieces. All proceeds from the sale of the artworks will be donated to the Shinta Mani Foundation. A foundation that believes in enhancing the lives and livelihood of people in the communities to overcome poverty.

The Foundation’s community activities began in 2004 with the opening of the Shinta Mani School of Hospitality on the grounds of the Shinta Mani. In its first few years, the Foundation has achieved measurable success in education and livelihood assistance resulting in meaningful changes for individual families and for the community as a whole.

This innovative program, which received international recognition for its efforts, trained under-privileged young Cambodians hotel operations free-of-charge, providing them with the skills to find employment and enjoy a bright future.

There is no admission fee charged to attend the exhibition. For more information about the exhibition, please visit the River City Bangkok website here. Or call 02-237-0077/8.

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