Little Yellow Flower’s New Documentary Series: An Awareness on Children Education

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Malaysian cinema GSC at Kuala Lumpur’s Midvalley Megamall, One Utama and Penang’s Gurney Plaza have recently released an educational documentary via four episodes by Little Yellow Flower Foundation.

A documentary series in four episodes ‘Dear Child How Are You’ tells the tale of families from completely different backgrounds, why they have chosen a specific path for their children’s education, why public schools are the only options for parents – all in the name of raising awareness to how the journey of a child’s upbringing affects their life’s choices. While some may have chosen the route of ‘homeschooling’ their children, others are discovering alternative ways to educate their children.

Kethsvin Chee new documentary on homeschooling. Music Press Asia
[What does homeschooling mean to you? Kethsvin Chee collaborates with Little Yellow Flower Foundation to discover the benefits of homeschooling. Image from Little Yellow Flower Foundation Instagram]

In a path to discovering what growing up through an alternative education focusing on exploration of the outdoors, Malaysian director Kethsvin Chee discovers new ways to learn himself: “You will become more courageous when you connect with nature. When you grow up and enter the workforce, this may be one of the mentalities you need to have.”

Led by Malaysian actress Lee Sinje, she said the documentary series aims to reconsider what children education truly means in this generation.

Lee Sinje sing Little Yellow Flower documentary. Music Press Asia
[Lee Sinje sings in the documentary series’ official music video titled ‘Little Yellow Flower’.]

The film’s official soundtrack is released by Touch Music Publishing. Click here to listen to Lee Sinje’s performance.

The film is presented in a collaboration with Little Yellow Flower Foundation, an NGO founded in 2007 by Charlie Young, Sinje Lee, Gigi Leung & Valen Hsu, which cares for children’s welfare & aims for a change with love & hope.

To participate or know more about Little Yellow Flower Foundation, click here.

Kethsvin Chee release new children documentary. Music Press Asia
[What do you think about homeschooling? Kethsvin Chee’s latest film speaks to families leading a new generation of thought and understanding.]

Watch this documentary trailer, here.

Malaysian Director Kethsvin Chee Release New Documentary

This documentary episode titled ‘We Rode An Ostrich’ is released after Kethsvin Chee’s first feature film premiered in Taipei in 2022. ‘Hello! Tapir’ – an animated fantasy drama – tells the story of a boy named Ah Keat who sets out to find a nightmare-eating creature that his father had told him about before dying from an accident at sea. The film was nominated in the Best Visual Effects category at the Golden Horse Awards in 2020 but was delayed in its release due to the outbreak of covid-19. ‘Hello! Tapir’ starred Charlie Yeung, Runyin Bai, and Akio Chen.

Hello Tapir Taiwan Release Fantasy Drama. Music Press Asia
[Hello! Tapir is Malaysian director Kethsvin Chee first feature film released in Taiwan]

Kethsvin Chee is also the director of ‘The Cage’ (2014), ‘Lucky Bowl’ (2013) and ‘The Superb Matchmakers’ (2011).

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