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Music Press Asia Debuts Second Season of Short-Video Executive Interviews

Who is Ultra Music partnering with in order diverge its list of growing talents in Asia? And how can aspiring DJs get heard in this growing crowd in the dance music scene? We caught up with Patrick Moxey at Music Matters, Singapore to catch a glimpse at how he and his team is embracing Asia.

Patrick Moxey's [Founder of Ultra Music] interview with Music Press Asia at Music Matters, All That Matters, Singapore.

Patrick Moxey's [Founder of Ultra Music] interview with Music Press Asia at Music Matters, All That Matters, Singapore.

Music Press Asia’s Executive Series mark the new beginning of Asia’s leading voices in the music entertainment business. In this series, Monica Tong, Editor-in-Chief of Music Press Asia catches up with Patrick Moxey at Music Matters, Singapore to hear some of their latest collaborations.

Today, the growing demand in live entertainment in Asia – largely driven by the Chinese market – marked the spill of DJ artists from the West and over to some of the largest cities found in Asia.

Music Companies like Ultra Music is competing to gain presence in an untapped region highly dubbed as an ‘open market’ to expand its dance music audience, create a larger pool of artists and new arrays of musical expression.  Moxey’s appearance at Music Matters signifies the growing popularity of electronic music as the mainstream genre; and highlighting the importance of the brand to create a household name even with Asia-based music executives.

Part of Ultra Music’s continuous heraldry over the last two decades has been its continuous relevance and apt decisions from cultivating Sasha & Digweed the 90s rave icon in America to breaking a new breed of international stars like Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and David Guetta. From hosting warehouse parties in New York, working at Polygram and Virgin Records, to starting his first label – Payday- and launching Ultra Music in 1995, Patrick Moxey’s experience in dance music has had a long history advocating and breaking some of the top dance music artists worldwide including Roger Sanchez and Marc Kinchen (MK) in the early 90s.

How is the brand growing? Over the years, Ultra Music has gradually grown in its influence largely due to the success of its label Payday and publishing efforts.

The Executive Series marks the launch of Music Press Asia video-formatted interviews titled ‘We Talk Music’ commissioned to highlight some of the leading brands found in the music market in Asia. The series will continue as part of the editorial’s long-term plan to divest its media resources to produce engaging discussions directly with decision-makers within the music market. This series is produced and led by Editor-in-Chief of Music Press Asia, Monica Tong.

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