Astro Originals Release New Television Series

Iqie Hugh, Firdaus Rahmat and Omar K (World Peace Entertainment) release OST Test Drive for Astro Originals TV series Projek High Council. in collaboration with Audi Mok.

Projek High Council Astro Originals tv series 2023. Music Press Asia

Anwari Ashraf, Head of Film Development at Astro Shaw directs Projek High Council, a new series by Malaysia’s Astro Originals.

Project High Council is a Malaysian television series that directly reference boarding school days in Malaysia. Produced by Astro Shaw and Pasal Productions (Cyberjaya), the TV series dives into the thrills and spills of boarding school life – with references and true experiences said to have directly come from an actual underground gang called High Council in the famous STAR School in Ipoh back in the 90s.

The series, released on 14 January 2023, is Astro’s latest masterpiece and part of the Projek universe – similar to Projek Anchor SPM. This is an entertainment asset belonging to the Astro Originals household, which represents a slew of Malay-based premium series including One Cent Thief, Murder By Moonlight, Kudeta and Histeria.

The story begins with Fakhri (Mierul Aiman) starting the school year at Kudrat as a Form 4 student. With his estranged brother as the supporting role, the real supporting protagonist is clearly Kahar who is the head of the High Council played by Amir Ahnaf.

Astro Originals release tv series Projek High Council 2023. Music Press Asia
[Projek High Council is a television inspired to tell the experience of anyone who has lived and survived a boarding school.]

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“Naim Daniel plays a superb supporting role for and sometimes against the antagonist. He is paving a promising path to a life-long dedication in his art and we cannot say anything less about him,” said Nina Golan, regional editor of Music Press Asia.

Naim Daniel actor Projek High Council Astro. Music Press Asia
[Naim Daniel plays Ayam, a supporting role in Astro Originals latest TV series Projek High Council]

The writers of this television series have meticulously detailed the horrifying form of bullying. From physical altercation to psychological conflict and its aftermath. This isn’t a series promoting bullying, but simply, the documentation of tragedies that happened and still happening at boarding schools across the country, a crucial moment to raise awareness of bullying.

Watch Projek High Council trailer, here.

Music Soundtrack (OST) in Projek High Council

A World Peace Entertainment production, Test Drive is the name of the OST for Project High Council. The song is produced mainly by Iqie Hugh, Firdaus Rahmat and Omar K. Mixing and mastering were completed by Audi Mok.

Click the image below to watch and listen to the ‘Test Drive’ music video.

World Peace Entertainment release new song Test Drive OST Projek High Council. Music Press Asia
[Firdaus Rahmat, Iqie Hugh and Omar K produced Test Drive, the OST for Astro Originals TV series titled Projek High Council]

The song, which premiered on 6 Jan 2023, is clearly composed using elements from the popular and rock music genre of the East, especially Japan and South Korea.

Post Chorus lyrics: [excerpt]
Test Drive, your life//You never know what’s on the other side

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