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Flower.far Extends Vocal Range in Walk Away

“Flower.far” released new music video “Walk Away”.

Flowerfar release Walk Away MV YUPP. Music Press Asia

Fresh from her recent performance on “COLORS” YouTube channel, Thai female artist Flower.far has recently released a new music video of the song ‘Walk Away’.

Walk Away is a Pop and R&B song that tells the story about toxic and unclear relationships that can’t be expressed in love. But can only be stuck in the whirlpool of love that may never be able to move on.

“First of all, I would like to thank all the responses to the “Walk Away” song, whether in Thailand or from any country. “Walk Away” is a song I wrote explicitly composed for a show with COLORS. My inspiration for composing this song came from my own life. It was a situation in that even though I tried harder, the relationship would not able to get better,” said Flower.far.

“Of course, I am sick of loving someone and want to leave this relationship. However, I still loop back to the point that keeps hurting me all the time. When recording this song, I put improvisation based on the feeling of the time. So, it’s a novelty that I like very much. The music video is very cool and has beautiful footage, but it may take some interpretation. There is a hint of a connection between reality and dreams. For sure, I hope everyone will love both the song and the music video as I do.”

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Flower.far was recently nominated for two awards at the 19th Kom Chad Luek Awards for Best Female Artist and Best New Artist.

“Eclectically powerful and engaging, Flower.far is not your typical girl next door. Thailand’s latest pop sensation is brilliantly characterful. For the first time in a very long time, here is a girl who dares to stand out,” said Monica Tong, editor-in-chief of Music Press Asia.

Listen to Flower.far’s music video here.

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