What’s Talking at San Francisco Music Summit?

Shout out to all music geeks out there! San Francisco Music Tech Summit will be tackling some of the most pressing issues facing music and tech creators, artists, producers, musicians and songwriters.

SF Music Tech Summit, on an annual basis, gathers some of the newest innovation projects in the digital realm focusing on the music industry.

SF Music Tech Summit, on an annual basis, gathers some of the newest innovation projects in the digital realm focusing on the music industry.

The ultimate Silicon Valley mindset combined with music, it is the assembly of some of the most innovative ideas combined with the ever evolving entertainment industry. Industry experts come from far and near to discuss the next big issue in the music world. Top discussions to include everything digital and streaming surrounding the music and video industry.

Artists in the real world apart from those signed with major labels are taking on a more hands on approach in the monetisation of their music. With more music service providers on the rise to provide one-stop store solutions, music producers and artists are now able to distribute and license their music without depending on the major labels.

Jim King from Core Rights, an intelligent property and rights management for the music industry will be moderating the panel ‘The Future of Music Licensing’. Invited panelists include Jeff King from SOCAN [The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada]; Eron Bucciarelli of Soundstr – an ‘establishment-based music performance and customer data that focuses on solving problem of inaccurate royalty distributions’; and lastly, Adrian Perry from Covington & Burling, an international law firm with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, South Korea, Brussels, and the US.

Powerful marketing can make a difference to any artists that are looking into various revenue streams for their works. Mike King from Berklee Online moderates the panel which to include Thirty Tigers, a Nashville-based entertainment company that offers music marketing, distribution, and management services to independent artists; The Confluence, a creative agency that provides services from strategising a brand, creating content to distribution. Their clients include influential brands, artists and festivals around the world; and Fusicology, an established event listings for the global Soul community.

Joninig the panelist is Sammy Andrews from Sabotage & Entertainment Intelligence, a long standing advocate of the value of the digital revolution. Her in-depth knowledge into data as the key to understanding and effectively marketing remain as one of the most popular topic of discussion in the digital sphere. Sammy was also named in Music Week’s 2015 30 Under 30 list.

Another grand topic from the tech summit is obviously the future of streaming. Under the panel ‘The World of Streaming’, the summit organiser have put together a panelist of which to include TiVo, an entertainment and media provider; Mixcloud, a platform which allows users to listen to the best Djs and radio presenters in the world for free; SoundExchange, an independent nonprofit collective management organisation that collects and distributes digital performance royalties. The panel will also include Tim Quirk from Freeform Development, an app for artists and musician to monetise by emulating the greatly profitable playbook of free-to-pay mobile games; giving fans the free music they want, then making it fun and easy to buy more. Check it out yourself! And do share with us your experience at SFMS.

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