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October 1, 2022

Fred Chong, GROUP CEO of WebTVAsia and Prodigee Media

WebTVAsia & Prodigee Media Opens Echelon Malaysia Day 2

Desmond Ngai, Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships of WebTVAsia & Prodigee Media will open the second day of Echelon while his partner from WebTVAsia Fred Chong, Founder and Group CEO will conclude the event with a presentation. An established songwriter, music producer and multi-genre creator, Chong founded Prodigee Media in 2005 as a multi-platform business in film, TV and music…

QRATES Vinylises Music

Some of the best things [sounds] in life do come in the form of a vinyl held in your hand.…

QRATES manages the whole pressing process of a vinyl. It is digitising the vinyl scene making headway in the music industry

Apple Music Seeks Digital Marketing Manager

The position has clearly stated that the position they are looking for will be to develop, implement, track and optimise digital marketing campaigns for Apple Music and the App Store…

Apple Music is Hiring Label Relations in China

What’s Talking at San Francisco Music Summit?

The ultimate Silicon Valley mindset combined with music, it is the assembly of some of the most innovative ideas combined with the ever evolving entertainment industry. Industry experts come from…

SF Music Tech Summit, on an annual basis, gathers some of the newest innovation projects in the digital realm focusing on the music industry.

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