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December 10, 2023

Visa For Music at Theatre Mohamed V Rabat. Music Press Asia
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Morocco’s Music Festival Ticket Proceeds Goes to Earthquake Funds

From Nov 22-25, Visa For Music (VFM) is set to captivate music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike as it unveils a lineup of renowned panel speakers and exceptional musicians. This four-day music festival, which takes place in the vibrant city of Rabat, Morocco, is setting the stage to serve the music scenes of Africa, and the Middle East as its…

Coronavirus: Who’s There To Help?

Are you affected by what is happening across the region? We are putting together a list of links and communities and their initiatives launched to pull the creative pool together…

Avril Lavigne cancelled 11 world tour dates in Asia amidst the spreading coronavirus. Music Press Asia.

Music Press Asia Partners With All That Matters Singapore

Asia-based music entertainment publication Music Press Asia is partnering with award-winning event marketing agency Branded to provide media coverage at All That Matters’ 13th edition (Sept 8-12), a conference and music festival…

[Caption: Pentatonix performing at Music Matters conference. Photo courtesy of Branded]

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Spotify goes IPO at NYSE
Spotify goes IPO at NYSE

Streaming: Spotify To Go Public On 3 April

When it was just talk in the past, it’s now real. The streaming music business is seeing one of the most important day in the history of the music industry where Spotify will officially go public on 3 April, 2018. Just days ago, Paul Vogel, Spotify’s Head of Investor Relations announced that the company will publicly list shares on the…

K-Pop Music Frenzy on Spotify Playlists

The launch of Spotify’s “Hub” in 2015 has garnered more than 6.6 billion K-pop streams with over 14.4 billion of listening minutes. When we thought that we’ve just had enough…

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Singaporean Group Breaking It in The Philippines

The Filipino/ Singapore siblings are well known as the only group that was selected to participate in Simon Cowell’s Online Talent Search in 2014. They have recently joined Vehnee Saturno’s…

Breaker Singapore Group debut in the Philippines

Is Streaming Better Off Than Malaysian Radio Stations?

Spotify released a brief article about the listening behaviour of Malaysians in a survey conducted through 2220 respondents last year. Commissioned by Spotify, TNS, a global market-research company investigated the…

Spotify commissions TNS to survey the Spotify users in Malaysia

Soundrop Relaunches Platform for YouTubers

Music distribution services are gradually emerging and highlighting their very own features to attract various demands and needs. As for Soundrop, it recently announced their return with their digital-first distribution for the YouTube users after being acquired by CD Baby. Distribution is often an afterthought…