The Coca Cola Company to Speak at Music Matters 2017

What would Coca Cola be talking about at Music Matters 2017? We predict the topics lining up at Music Matters and the value it has attending the conference.

2017 speaker ATM Music Matters

MNA’s editor has picked some of the hottest speakers attending Music Matters and predicts some of the topics coming to Singapore this September.

Music Matters have a lot to cover at its conference this September. As always it has invited some of the most celebrated speakers from all walks of life in the corporate world to debate and discuss some of the most prevalent topics in the music industry for Asia and beyond.

As we continue to uncover topics focusing on the most updated tech developments in the music industry, new speakers, in this context speakers that have never been to Music Matters in Singapore, are being invited to cover marketing strategies, music publishing, music recording and also digital distribution. Quite likely, topics to be discussed will be compared to one of the fastest growing market in Asia – CHINA.

Executives from large distribution companies like Tencent, Joox and Spotify have already appeared at previous Music Matters / All That Matters event. MNA is highlighting ATM’s top three speakers that ought not to be missed!

This list is not a comprehensive list of speakers, so please click here for more info about the speakers.

All That Matters - Music Matters - conference

All That Matters – Music Matters – conference

This would be The Coca-Cola Company‘s first ever appearance at Music Matters. Although Coca-Cola may have a lot to answer for its many controversial marketing campaigns such as #AmericaTheBeautiful that saw the American anthem being sung in various language, what is clear is that its marketing campaigns are most famous for the aspect of humanity it tries to convey.

Some of its most famous campaigns include the ‘Happiness Machine’ and ‘Share a Coke’. These campaigns share a common goal, and that is to bring joy, laughter and together shared with friends, colleague and families. We trust that Joshua Burke, the Global Head of Music Sourcing at Coca-Cola will be sharing just that – how the brand was successfully marketed and its global programs integrating and engaging music as part of all its campaigns.

If you have knowledge in music publishing as well as starting a music download store, then you may be complete in every sense. Our analogy of Ed Kershaw, the Chief Commercial Officer of 7digital Group plc is just like who we think a lawyer also equipped with a financial accounting background. This guy has an all rounded approach as to how music can be distributed and promoted.

Having started his career in the record industry at Virgin and Decca, he has since pioneered a music download store and becoming Group Head of Music at Vodafone, worked in entertainment service development at Nokia and was recently the VP Client Services at Nielsen. He’ll most probably share the power of smartphones and how with the help of digital media, synergise music and distribution and speed revenue generation for creators.

Copyright, licensing and media broadcast are some of the hot topics being discussed in the commercial world in Asia. Nevertheless, this world has also found its place in the music industry dealing with owners’ copyright, licensing of music as well as rules governing the music and media industry. John McLellan represents television channels and broadcasters, record companies (both major and independent), publishing companies, film studios and production companies and international and regional movie stars and musical talents.

His role in most Asian jurisdiction including mergers and acquisition, joint ventures and licensing arrangements will give insights from the legal point of view as described by The Who’s Who of the Law as “One of Hong Kong’s leading entertainment lawyers” and acknowledged by AsiaLaw and one of Asia’s leading lawyers.

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