How To Increase Fan Base and Generate Revenue

Artists can now manage their own marketing campaign on Spotify via CD Baby’s Digital marketing platforms has mushroomed over the last years targeting digital monetization directly to artist.

CD Baby's marketing platform allows artists to manage their own campaign on Spotify

Do you have an upcoming release on Spotify and want your fans to get the best engagement experience and alert even before its release? has launched a new feature “Pre-Save Me” that allows labels, managers and musicians to run their own marketing campaign on Spotify., CD Baby‘s very own marketing platform allow users to run the “pre-saves” feature on Spotify which means fans can hit save on an upcoming release before the tracks are publicly available. And how can we find it on our playlist? Well, this feature will gather the “pre-saves” album or single in their library come release day so that fans will have less to worry about checking in on release day.

This direct access and engagement to fans is a potential boost for many labels and managers out there come that special Friday.

If you so wish to know how does it? The pre-saves features are not built into Spotify but create a pre-save campaign and then automatically turns it into a regular save campaign when the release goes live.

How do you do it?
1. In order to launch a pre-save campaign via, all campaigners need to do is a Spotify URI, the service’s internal links, and the date the release is slated to go live – all of which information that can easily obtain from their distributors.

2. Then go to and create a Social Unlock Campaign and voila – on the date of its release, your music will wondrously appear in your library.

How does the Social Unlock Campaigns work?
It trade fan emails for goodies and access to favourite artists’ latest work or special ‘assets’ specially created just for the campaign. The perk of using’s “pre-saves” feature is connecting with fans directly via email. It’s a 3-in-1 platform connecting fans on social media and music or video platforms and artists.

What do fans get out of it?
A personalised experience to hear a long-awaited new album earlier than the rest of us, discounts to concerts and other perks given directly by promoter or label., CD Baby’s marketing platform, continues to create and build better audience-building campaigns and turning these activities into real revenue opportunities for artists. Generating worldwide attention is no longer at the tip of the label’s finger. It is in the hands of rights owners and creators.

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