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June 13, 2024

Pentatonix release Christmas album featuring Lea Salonga and Lang Lang. Music Press Asia
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Lea Salonga Sings Jose Mari Chan Classic in Pentatonix’s Christmas Album

Filipino singer Lea Salonga confirmed that she is featured in the latest Christmas album of Pentatonix. Salonga and Pentatonix will sing Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas classic, ‘Christmas in our Hearts’, as part of the acapella group’s new Christmas album, Holidays around the World. “Yes, folks! This is happening! Had the most wonderful time recording this classic Filipino Christmas song with…

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Tencent reveals QQ Music's total number of users in China at Music Matters.

Tencent Reveals QQ Music’s Influence in China

Music Matters first day wraps up with some of the biggest names from the Chinese music industry discussing topics that are affecting regionally and at a global scale. The subject of streaming and China popped up at every opportuned-discussion pulling and tugging at each other like an engaged couple; a rather new, anticipated and predictably accurate union which got people…

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