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July 24, 2024

Outlet Drift Taiwan band to perform at SXSW Australia 2024 Music Press Asia
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[Outlet Drift Taiwan band to perform at SXSW Australia 2024 Music Press Asia]

SXSW Australia Announced 2024 Keynote

Today, SXSW revealed its first keynotes for the second edition of the SXSW Sydney® 2024 Conference. New York Times best-selling author of Magic Pill and Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention, Johann Hari, will bring his thought provoking ideas to the Keynote stage this year, in addition to formidable human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson, who has been a long-standing…

SXSW Canceled Decision By City of Austin

Just days after Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Amazon and Twitter pulling out of the South by Southwest conference, the management of SXSW released a statement today, announcing the City of Austin’s…

SXSW 2020 is cancelled. In 2019, the event attracted over 73,000 attendees with over 20,000 from abroad. Music Press Asia.

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Lightcraft to Represent Indonesia at SXSW

Indonesian bands have remained popular at SXSW and saw bands like Shaggydog and S.I.G.I.T performed at various venues at the festival. White Shoes and the Couples Company started the tradition in 2008 and since then an ongoing slew of Indonesia bands have also performed at the similar festival. SXSW has remained an important for indie bands to perform due to…

Asia-Focus Panel at SXSW

Demystifying Asia’s Music Industry, chosen as the title for the panel, includes key industry leaders from Asia to discuss more in-depth topics in the growing digital part of the business…

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