Konserku Crowdsource Platform For Live Music

The idea came to Danny Widodo in the summer of 2015 after realising the risky business in concert promotion. His stint in concert production at the Resort World Singapore brought to light the constant issues faced by concert promoters worldwide.

AHSP audience - image credit to Mikhail Teguh Pribadi

The conservative route to producing a concert is to organise a fantastic event by predicting the act and theme that may not be what the audience would like or even know. An act who might be popular in one country may not be in another. Konserku is conceived to provide accurate demand – a demand through Konserku’s platform where fans collectively agree on an act and then decide to crowdsource the act. In this way, guaranteeing its attendance and help promoter feel more at ease in its expenditure according to demand.

Konserku, originally known as Konsaato, has now launched the second version of its beta phase and have experimented with their very first concert in September 2015.

Danny Widodo, co-founder of Konsaato commented: “There’s a huge demand for Japanese artists, and so we managed to successfully crowdsource two acts from Japan – Rie fu and d-iZe – who will be collectively attracting over 150 audience.”

This year, Konserku will be focusing on smaller yet more niche acts from Indonesia with the objective of creating events to attract hardcore fans although requests have since poured in for bigger acts like Radioheads and Coldplay.

“ [We] wanted to focus on small to medium scale concerts. Regardless to how small the production is, it is also about whether it is worth doing. We wanted to look into more intimate type of concerts that can connect fans to the music scene.”

Danny Widodo, co-founder of Konserku crowdsource concerts for the very niche hardcore fans in Indonesia.

Danny Widodo, co-founder of Konserku crowdsource concerts for the very niche hardcore fans in Indonesia.

“At the end of the day, we want to help create the experience where artists can directly connect with their fans. Having worked in the live entertainment industry, it’s always an incredible feeling to be in the front row and getting high fives from the artists. We definitely want to recreate that experience in all our concerts.”

Indonesia continues to be a huge market highly competitive among its ever-growing talents. Lacking in international outreach resources, Konserku filters demand and targets niche artistry in the underground scene, hence, promoting artists from the grassroots – a much-needed process [a gap] in the ecosystem within the music industry.

They have recently collaborated with Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People (AHSP) at AHSP – Live in Jakarta, which turned out to be a successfully sold-out event. Their upcoming concerts include Lightcraft’s Homecoming concert at the end of March and Emir Hermono Live in Jakarta in April.

Konsaato is now funded by three venture capitalists including Aryo Ariotedjo of Grupara, Andy Zain, MD of Kejora as well as Ashraf Sinclair, a Malaysian actor based in Indonesia. For more information about them, please click here.

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