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Djooky Music Investment Summit

How will music investment in the post Covid-19 era fare? Music Press Asia joins other virtual attendees in Djooky’s first online summit for insights in the investment and financial sector within the music business industry.

Djooky Music Investment Summit is a two-day virtual event that focuses on the finance and investment challenges in the music business. Music Press Asia

Djooky, a music startup, is debuting the Djooky Music Investment Summit in a two-day virtual event starting tomorrow (June 17-18). In this partnership with communications agency CFC Big Ideas, the event is expected to connect more than one thousand participants from all over the world.

The virtual summit, the first-ever event of such scale, is dedicated to the pressing issues faced by investment and financial sector in the music industry — involving representatives of global labels, music distribution companies, streaming platforms, law firms, and investment funds, as well as discussions with leading music entrepreneurs and independent artists.

Confirmed speakers are representatives of some of the biggest names in the music industry — CD Baby, SoundCloud, Merlin, Pandora, Round Hill Music, Deezer, Bandcamp, AEG Presents, Beatport, Droplabs, and many others.

According to Djooky’s latest release, the first panel on the program titled “Music Investment in the Covid-19 Era: The Big Comeback” has been scheduled, representing the importance of the emerging music business market and its opportunities in the near future. With the rest of the agenda focused mainly on the key ways of attracting investment worldwide: from prospective opportunities for DIY-creators, intellectual property as a source of revenue, NFTs, to new technology and data management tools, for both artists and investors.

Day-1 panel
Streaming Platforms as an Emerging Source of Revenue
Darryl Hurs, Market Development Canada at CD Baby
Josh Raiford, Director of Hip Hop at Pandora, Pandora Now Program, Director at Sirius XM

Music Investment in the Covid-19 Era: The Big Comeback
Seth Schachner, Managing Director at Strat Americas
Josh Gruss, CEO at Round Hill Music
Nick Terzo, Founder at Radical MG, Host at The Radical Podcast

NFTs: Unlocking the Benefits of Direct Investment
Michael Hendrix, Co-Founder at The Open Music Initiative, Global Design, Director at IDEO, Co-Author at Two Beats Ahead
Bryce Carr, Director of Creator Partnerships, Music at Rally

Record Labels in the New Music Economy
Jules Wolfson, CEO at Nexus Music
Timothy Trudeau, CEO at SyntaxCreative
David Mount, President at Mount Music & Entertainment

Day-2 panel
Protecting Intellectual Property Rights to Drive Income
Abby North, President at North Music Group

From a Rookie to a Global Superstar: Where to Find Money
Dylan Berry, Owner at SmashHaus
Alex Roberts, CEO at Hurricane Music Group, Inc
Travis Terrell, Founder and Co-CEO at Soundstripe
Jason Zerden, VP, Business Development at Create Music Group

Exhibitors of the summit will be presenting their products and solutions via a virtual booth format. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their products and solutions in a virtual booth format available on our event platform to 1000+ attendees.

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Participants in the Startup Contest will also joining the Online Startup Expo, where they will be able to demonstrate their product to the Djooky Music Investment Forum attendees, a great networking opportunity to connect with industry representatives attending the summit.

For more information and registration to attend Djooky Music Investment Summit, click here. CFC Big Ideas is an international communications consultancy headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and Kyiv, Ukraine. Over the years, it has partnered with Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Global Inclusion Online Forum, Davos Energy Week among others in its extensive portfolio.

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