Rainforest World Music Festival Goes Virtual

Sarawak’s annual Rainforest World Music Festival — its 24th edition this year — returns to its audience via virtual streaming in partnership with GrabFood and Shopee.

Rainforest World Music Festival. Artist performance. Music Press Asia

The organiser of the Rainforest World Music Festival isn’t letting the pandemic stop them from sharing the tropical goodness of what Sarawak and its 27 ethnic tribes can offer. In less that 24 hours, the virtual event will begin with a great line-up right in front of your screen.

Bringing forward the theme that was meant to happen last year, be ready to be ‘Entranced, Liberated, Immerse’ right from the screen of your homes as Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) entertains us with live streaming on its official website. Beginning from 6pm to 7:30pm, from 18-20 June.

Performance line-up include Sarawakian talents — Alena Murang, Kemada, Sang Rawi, At Adau, Tuku Kame, Suk Binie’, Nading Rhapsody and Mathew Ngau — will be lighting up the screens in between flashbacks of favourite musical acts from previous years, along with interviews with RWMF’s forerunners and personalities and giveaway sessions.

“With Covid-19 hampering world travel, it’s important for us to remember the iconic Rainforest World Music Festival during the pandemic. Our online musical showcase this year attempts to recreate a virtual experience for those who are missing the excitement and merriment of our annual RWMF and build up their anticipation for RWMF 2022.” — Sarawak Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture — Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah:

“I believe that RWMF 2021’s theme – Entranced, Liberated, Immersed – captures the spirit of the RWMF as a whole, and we look forward to being able to hold it in a big way for RWMF 2022 which is tentatively scheduled for 17-19 June.”

In the meantime, viewers at home who have missed the annual musical event can relive the feel of the RWMF with a choice of concert, workshops, and even food delivery via GrabFood.

With its virtual application, on-screen participants may also join daytime workshops and performances from previous years at the website’s SCV longhouses — just like how it was being done physically at the festival ground.

[Image: Rainforest World Music Festival workshops include learning about the tribal instrument sape’. Music Press Asia]

Through its collaboration with delivery and e-commerce application — Grabfood and Shoppe — viewers will be able to order and dine in at their own leisure or order exclusive and limited edition merchandise like a T-shirt or cloth face mask to mark the RWMF’s first-ever virtual experience.

Registering virtual participation this year would also allow eligibility for giveaways including free tickets to RWMF next year, discounts on selected hotels, merchandise and many more.

Click here for RWMF’s official website for more information about its virtual event this year. Click here to listen to RWMF’s music playlist from 2021.

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