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June 30, 2022

Alena Murang Release MV World Cancer Day. Music Press Asia
Music Release

Alena Murang Released Music Video For World Cancer Day

Sape’ singer-songwriter, Alena Murang has recently released a music video titled “Many Tomorrows” in collaboration with the Society for Cancer Advocacy and Awareness Kuching (SCAN) for this year’s World Cancer Day. According to its recent press release, the idea for the song was sparked from the voices of people who face many barriers when it comes to proper cancer care,…

Tenun Fashion Week Starts Tonight

The future of handwoven textiles and its tradition is in your hands. In a bid to preserve Southeast Asia’s technical…

Tenun Fashion Week Showcasing Handwoven Textiles. Music Press Asia
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Rainforest World Music Festival Goes Virtual

The organiser of the Rainforest World Music Festival isn’t letting the pandemic stop them from sharing the tropical goodness of what Sarawak and its 27 ethnic tribes can offer. In…

Rainforest World Music Festival. Artist performance. Music Press Asia
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What Do You Know About Sarawak & its Culture?

JUST TWO WEEKS after the celebration of Aidilfitri, Music Press Asia is once again clad in a festive spirit. This week, we feature one of Southeast Asia’s indigenous festival. Celebrated…

Feature of the Month. Cover photo by Borneo Talk. Music Press Asia

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