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Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra Performs at Qatar Economic Forum

– Qatari composer Dana al-Farhan performs with Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

– Qatar Economic Forum speakers to include Hillary Clinton (Leadership), David Beckham (Sports) and Anthony Capuano (Tourism) with Asia panel discussion led by Bloomberg Anchor Shery Ahn. Virtual conference to commence from 21 – 23 June. 

Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra performs at Qatar Economic Forum. Music Press Asia

What challenges and opportunities lie ahead as we push through the economic shock created by the pandemic?

With the participation of over 100 speakers from around the globe, the inaugural Qatar Economic Forum, powered by Bloomberg will be held virtually from June 21 to 23. The virtual event will see participation including heads of state, global CEOs from the world’s most influential corporations, leading global investors, as well as influential opinions from the cultural, sports and entertainment world.

At the end of the first day of the Forum, Akoya brings the heritage of Qatari folk music to life in an original piece by Dana al-Fardan, a Qatari composer, songwriter, singer, and symphonic artist in a performance with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

The piece celebrates Qatar’s original genre of music: Fjiri, music of the sea. In addition to its role as a major pillar of Qatar’s economy, the pearl trade developed a new style of music, providing motivation and entertainment for the pearl divers as they worked. Fjiri’s distinct percussion patterns represent the stories of pearl diving and accompany the traditional chanting of the Naham, a designated singer on each ship.

As a finale to the 2021 Qatar Economic Forum (23 June), Dana al-Fardan performs selections from her new album Indigo. In this performance, al-Fardan incorporates a chamber orchestra, light design and a curated color scheme to explore connectivity, introspection and the shared human experience of the pandemic.

Anchored strategically in Doha, the Forum discussion is focused on Qatar’s ability to link Asia with Africa and beyond, as well as its position as a leader in transitional energy technologies and the home to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The themes of the Forum include Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World, Technology Advanced, A Sustainable World, Markets and Investing, Power and Trade Flows, The Changing Consumer, The Power of Sport, A More Inclusive World.

Speakers to include Hillary Clinton (Leadership), David Beckham (Sports) and Anthony Capuano (Tourism) with Asia panel discussion led by Bloomberg Anchor Shery Ahn.

Some of our selected panel of interest as below:

Sustainable Smart Cities
Dr. Jeffrey Cheah (Founder & Chairman, Sunway Group)

The Outlook from Asia
Yichen Zhang (Chairman and CEO , CITIC Capital)

The Crypto Brief
Dan Morehead (CEO, Pantera Capital Management)
Michael Novogratz (Founder, CEO & Chairman, Galaxy Digital)

The Future of Travel & Tourism
Anthony Capuano (CEO, Marriot International)
Rita Marques (Secretary of State for Tourism, The Republic of Portugal)
Jane Sun (CEO, Group)

The Transformation Power of Sport
David Beckham (professional footballer)

A Bold Agenda for Female Leadership
H.E. Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani (Vice Chairperson and CEO , Qatar Foundation)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (67th Secretary of State , The United States of America)

For more information, speakers and agenda at the Qatar Economic Forum, click here.

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