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September 18, 2021

Glozal first NFT music player platform. Music Press Asia
Image by Glozal.

Music Veterans Join Glozal The First NFT Music Player and Marketplace Platform

Glozal, creator of the first NFT Music Player™ and NFT Music Marketplace, has recently announced the joining of music industry veterans to its Board of Advisors. Founded in 2021, Glozal Inc. is a music technology company developing an “artist focused, and fan driven” NFT Music platform, as well as the world’s first NFT Music Player™. It offers artists and fans…

Djooky Music Investment Summit

Djooky, a music startup, is debuting the Djooky Music Investment Summit in a two-day virtual event starting tomorrow (June 17-18).…

Djooky Music Investment Summit is a two-day virtual event that focuses on the finance and investment challenges in the music business. Music Press Asia

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