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OneCool Collective Launches Movie NFT

OneCool Collective Launches NFT. Music Press Asia

OneCool Collective, a Web3 project, recently announced its first Warriors of Future NFT collection. With up to 10,000 unique 3D avatars of soldiers, it was inspired by the Hong Kong sci-fi action movie produced by Louis Koo. The multi-million-dollar film – starring Louis Koo, Sean Lau and Carina Lau – has the story set in the future where Earth is devoid of life due to climate change and pollution. The movie took 6 years to produce and is set for theatrical release in Asia this year.

Warriors of Future is a pioneer in adopting an innovative interchangeable mechanism in their NFT collection, allowing holders to interchange traits within the NFTs they hold.

There are 5 interchangeable parts: weapon, armor body, arms, helmet, and the background. These interchangeable elements will be reflected in real-time in the NFT marketplace.

The holder will also be able to use their NFT in action as an avatar in the upcoming Warriors of Future mobile game.

OneCool Collective’s Warriors of Future NFT, powered on the Ethereum blockchain, looks to support new enriching experiences and provide exclusive utilities to users by holistically merging virtual and physical worlds.

In addition to the NFT launch, the campaign also engages fans through a series of AR activations, and phygital sales of movie merchandise, that allow for interaction and deployment of the virtual collectibles in the OneCool ecosystem. The aim is to create a OneCool community that will empower and elevate Entertainment and Movie IPs through Web3 integration.

OneCool Collective: Warriors of Future NFT is the first series of a long term Web3 and entertainment IPs’ integration project, a collaboration between One Cool Group and Gusto Collective with the vision of bringing best-in-class movies and entertainment experiential cultures into the digital world.

With over 20 films produced and distributed over 9 years, One Cool Group is Asia’s leading film enterprise with an all-round scope of operations including film and animation production, film distribution, post-production and artist management.

Gusto Collective, Asia’s first brand tech group applies the latest technology to drive value and growth for brands through immersive and engaging experiences across the physical and virtual worlds. Gusto has over 90 clients in Asia.

[Founded in Bangkok and Hong Kong since 2013, One Cool Production Co., Ltd. has debuted as the specialist facility in digital post-production. Its services include digital color grading, online editing, DCP mastering, finishing for 2D/3D feature films and television commercials]

“We are so excited to unlock the limitless potential of the entertainment industry powered by blockchain for our next-gen users. Our upcoming film titled Warriors of Future serves as a pioneer in such a collaboration, which allows us to explore more possibilities in the future. We look forward to connecting the best of the entertainment industry in ways and experiences that were not possible before,” said Ella Wong, Chief Financial Officer of One Cool Group.

“Web3 is the future of entertainment. It’s a game-changer with a vision for a more open, decentralized, and secure internet, enabled by advances in technologies like blockchain and machine learning. We, at Gusto Collective, are delighted to be at the forefront of bringing change to benefit creators, entertainers, and their fans in the industry,” said Aaron Lau, Founder & CEO of Gusto Collective.

“The emerging concept of ownership of digital assets has immense potential. Our collaboration with One Cool Group aims to supercharge the impact of entertainment IPs by unleashing the full power of a Web3 toolkit to create content, experiences and value for all stakeholders of the IPs,” he added.

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