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Dhira Bongs, Tiny Gold Collaborate In New Song Release via Demajors

Dhira Bongs Indonesian singer feat Gotch MV. Music Press Asia

A pop soloist from Bandung-Indonesia, Dhira Bongs, is back with a new studio album titled A Tiny Bit of Gold in The Dark Ocean. Dhira’s third full album was released as a result of the collective collaboration between Tiny Gold, with a record label from Jakarta-Indonesia, demajors.

Dhira continues the expedition through her musical palette which still has a basic pop color, by exploring musical styles ranging from R&B, jazz, gospel to Jamaican music.

“The album is fierce yet sweet, with a modern gleam of sound reminiscent of the ’80s at times,” said Dhira.

In September 2017, Dhira was invited and later performed at the Kyoto Onpaku. The event, which later became part of her Japan tour, earned her various important recognitions, including from her family, as well as the inspiration for the single “Strugglin” which started the journey of filling material for the album A Tiny Bit of Gold in The Dark Ocean.

To celebrate the album, Dhira released a live session series titled Gold Mine on her YouTube platform. The first and second series were released in May and June, featuring tracks from Dhira’s two early albums, My Precious and Head Over Heels. The third series contains songs from her latest album, with a live version of the single “Make Me Fallin in Love Again” set to be released with the album.

As a response to the appreciation life of today’s music fans, Dhira also released an album in NFT (Non-Fungible Token) format as many as 50 copies on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

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Dhira Bongs’ album A Tiny Bit of Gold in the Dark Ocean is available and can be enjoyed on various digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Resso, YouTube Music and Joox. CDs can also be ordered throughout the demajors distribution network and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) can be accessed on their official website.

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